What is wrong with music?
Its far too capitalised thats what! gone are the days where bands wrote their own music and played their own instruments. what we live with in music now is pretty boys who can bearly sing (one need only look at Gareth Gates and the hordes of other young hopefuls littering our charts, to know what i'm talking about)
It is annoying! its capitalism gone mad. what makes things worse is the record companies who are trying to make a quick buck out of these naive young fools, get ticked off when we the spending public object to spending our money on their overpriced CD's and instead download their cheapo crap.
That aside what also annoys me is overhyped bands i.e "Blazing squad". What the hell is up with that then!
10 or 12, 16 year olds (my age for gods sake) from the mean streets of Essex pretending their hard rappin' little men. What is tough or manish about hanging around in a group of 12. I mean isnt that just cowardess! but then to make matters worse when they start calling themselves a squad. one could say 'oh they may be good musicians' well im sorry but i've listened to their music and felt physically sick.
One may be lead into believing that rock music was still independant but even that has been plagued by this annoying prettyboy problem. The problem my friends is "Busted" need i say more before i lose it and start killing people with annoyance at their pathetic drivel. They pretend to play music when they clearly cannot.


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