Hi everyone here is my only rant of today (I think)
As you may or may not know. Mr George W Bush, President of the USA (that's sure not what Arabs call it) has begun his campaign of re-election. He has promised to lower taxes and to make the world safer for Americans. What I want to know is how can that deluded moron expect to do this. As we have seen in his first term he has made the world twice as dangerous by invading Afghanistan (My Grandad was Afghan so this is somewhat of an insult to me and my family) and Iraq, these have caused the world to further destabilize. The world also cannot expect America to chip in to help the environment. Here we see America, the biggest polluter of the world backing out of an agreement to prevent global warming which has screwed up the weather already as you can tell. This was done to help the US economy grow. Well this is what pulling out of Kyoto has done for Bush, America has slid into recession and there is growing unemployment in the US today due to this. Well done George. I don't see how lowering taxes will help him with this problem but unfortunately in America the greediest of all the capitalist states, money talks and this may win him the election sadly. THE FOOLISH GREEDY AMERICANS! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE SUCH MORINIC FOOLS WITH HEADS FULL OF NOTHING BUT CONSUMERIST RANTS LIKE "LADY WHERES MY BURGER, I ORDERED IT 4 MINUTES AGO. But if to them their waste line is the only thing that matters should we be surprised such a fool could become president anyway.
Have a nice day while you still can.


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