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Catching Up

Well a lot has happened recently. Ill keep it brief and stick to the important stuff.

I've finally taken up driving lessons over six months after getting my provisional license. I've only had four lessons as yet but I seem to be doing ok. If I was bad to start with I'm certainly improving now. Now to buy a car! Being honest its not gonna be a Ferrari and its gonna be slow but as the insurance premiums insist on being so high for learner drivers my age I have no where else to turn. Not to mention a lack of a large budget.

I have a new Job which pays a lot more than my lame shelf stacking job at Waitrose. Its not very taxing as it just involves inputting stuff into a huge computer data base but its very relaxed and easy so I'm sitting on quite a cushy deal.

Its now the summer Holidays which is always a good thing. I fortunately gave the last day of school a miss owing to the fact that I had no lessons and that it was going to suck ass anyway. By all accounts it did so I def…

Hollywood Nonsense

This is gonna be a film review post today. Yesterday I went to see war of the worlds and well in some ways I wasn't too surprised.
I mean its a Spielberg Film with Tom Cruise as the lead.
Its strayed from the original plot set in Victorian England like in the HG Wells novel.
It has a huge special effects budget.

Put the pieces together and you can see why I found it a tad annoying at times.
Having said this though the film does have some very good points as well as bad which I will now summerise.

The Good:
The alien tripods are very cool looking and sounding
The acting altogether actually isn't half bad apart from a lot of screaming and hysteria which should be expected from a disaster movie such as this.
The special effects do their job and they do it well
The story has a beginning middle and an end
Not too much emphasis is put on the human race as a whole. It follows the Ferrier family and the Ferrier family only with a few others becoming involved along the way.
At times the script is …