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Notorius C.H.A.V.

I went to the Cardiff Vue the other day to see Notorious. Ok, people could have a pop at me for my choice of film, but I thoroughly enjoyed it so I couldn’t care less what people think.

The viewing however was marred by an infestation of chavvy little cock-ends who could not keep their mouths shut. I’d caught a glimpse of these pathetic specimens in the ticket queue, and judging from the content of the film I knew they were going to be in the same movie as me.

It was just too obvious considering these little wannabe rappers (just a note that rappers actually have a fairly well defined grasp of language, something which was long abandoned by the chavs in question, who seemed to be trying out a poor Tim Westwood impression at their most coherent) seemed to be trying to live up to a flimsy image of being “gangsta” with their baseball caps, jogging gear (it goes without sayin they look like they’ve been living in those clothes for weeks now, do rappers actually dress like they’re wearing pa…

Fashion Nazi's

Last Sunday I surprised myself as I found myself sitting down to watch the Devil wears Prada for the first hour of the film.

It may come as little surprise to hear that, I wouldn’t normally consider myself a connoisseur of ‘chick flicks’ and I suppose this film slides into that category. However, it’s slightly more accessible to a man, than most chick flicks I have taken the time (approx 4 minutes where masculinity kicks in and I need to down a pint of beer, punch a wall, laugh like an oafish moron at bodily function and even in rare cases talk about football, as it becomes necessary to distance myself as far as possible from the nonsense I am witnessing on screen) to watch.

The film actually wasn’t that bad, as I survived an hour before I decided to do something else. The one thing that did strike me was the horrors of working in the fashion industry. I have always despised images of this trade, as it strikes me as a narcissistic, bitter and self serving collective. I realise of cours…

Driving a hard bargain

I took a small shopping trip to our local Tesco extra superstore (which is a behemoth of a shop where you can buy almost anything imaginable), a part of my studently routine in which I become acutely aware of how expensive living in your own home actually is. However, that’s beside the point as it was here that I noticed that Tesco’s seemed to have a surprising amount of 2 for 1’s, price-cuts and discount brands, certainly more than usual.

This got me wondering, firstly is this case the same with all supermarkets? And Secondly how come they’ve suddenly upped the ante, considering January (the most miserable month of the year for many) is now over. I have a feeling that what with all the bad news in the economy at the moment, the supermarkets are trying to go to any lengths to get the customers into the shops, after all they are still posting healthy profit margins for the most part. The whole trick seems to be, to get the customer to buy more than they planned to. I certainly felt thi…