Still on the subject of Americans
Here is a list of annoying American phrases
1. We saved your ass in WW2
As an answer to that. America got its ass kicked by a Developing country with very little force and not a major world superpower with a massive army like us. Secondly America only helped us when it suited them and would have gladly let us perish so I don't see why we are so thankful to them for letting us suffer daily bombings from Germany. Thanks to world war 2 we lost our superpower status (France too) from having no money left from having to rebuild on top of paying for armed forces. Whereas Americans sat tight at home with no death or destruction raining down on them and watched their economy grow. We also never actually lost the war but had a small boost of US soldiers which didn't help much. We should thank the Russians for storming Berlin in 1945. They did more work than Americans.

2. You don't speak English at all, you guys speak a whole different language.
How can that be the case when we are English!? We invented this language and you hijacked it to alter with as you see fit and then trying to impose it on our impressionable youth

3. Do you know the queen?
Do you know the president?! How would I know the queen when she's all over the country at different times and doesn't exactly fraternise with us "commoners"


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