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Cracking Open the Easter Egg Controversy

Almost as inevitable as wet bank holiday weekends and obligatory repeats of Ben Hur is the annual controversy about the PC attack on Easter, religion and the alleged lack of Easter on Easter Eggs. I've only really noticed that this has become part of the periphery of Easter-time in the last couple of years, with pundits, the public and even the Prime Minister Lady Vicarsdaughter weighing in with a view. Let's take a look into the situation in a little more detail and see the EGGStent (of course I'm going to use egg puns!) of the issue.
When did this moral panic about Easter Eggs begin? Honestly, it appears to be a very recent thing. Obviously following in the footsteps of other favourite festive conspiracies like the all too many EGGaggerated 'Christmas is cancelled' stories comes our more contemporary 'Easter is being removed from Easter Eggs' panic we're seeing today. From what I can tell it stems from a company called the Meaningful Chocolate company