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Mentally Challenged

Advertisers have tried many tricks over the years to con us into buying their wares. Sometimes they fire meaningless scientific jargon at you, or attempt to convince you that a product is good because some influential celebrity happens to drink, eat or otherwise use said product on screen.

However water company Volvic has managed the greatest con I have seen in some time with their aptly named “Volvic Challenge”. To add a bit of context, the “Volvic Challenge” is basically a challenge to drink two and half litres of their bottled “magic” for 14 days. The idea is that because, scientists have proven that water is good, and that Volvic is supposedly amazing that it will make you feel really good. This sounds like a good thing of course, everyone loves to feel healthy and good, but there are of course a few minor setbacks to this.

Firstly, bottled water is unnecessarily expensive, and a litre and a half a day exclusively of Volvic is sure to have the company directors rubbing their hands…