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Deutsches and Pikeys a match made in hell.

As has been well documented by me and other duds throughout this age of blogging, Pikeys (on behalf of fpoole and any other American viewers: a pikey is the British version of the red neck and looks like one of those idiots you see in inner city areas. You know, the twats who listen to rap and try to copy 50 cent and wear hoods all the time) are the scourge of this land. What’s prompted me to start to blog about these fools. Well let me tell you a tale; Twas Friday night, the end of the school week and me and my other chums wanted to celebrate in the right way. This started with a nice trip to the cinema where we saw Hero. It wasn’t too bad although you see the same story 3 different ways (its mostly flashbacks). We then headed back to my house where we had an Indian, this too was a pleasant experience although it took ages to arrive. After this things started to get a wee bit messed up, me my friend matt and my other friend nick (tom had gone…
Deutsches returns to blog another day (today)

What up homies! (that’s twatish for hello there)
I felt it was high time for a blog so I sat down with a cuppa tea then the dish ran away with the spoon so I couldn’t stir it and the tea evaporated before my very eyes (that got ye paying attention there)
School has been surprisingly easy going for me so far, all me lessons have not been too taxing but I fear that they may sooner or later when we are made to work “really hard” as our school sixth form booklet tries to scare us into working our socks off. Education aside I’ve noticed a distinct change in the social structure of my life now, which is taking some getting used to. Firstly there’s the subject of girls. I haven’t got a problem with them at all in fact I welcome them to our schools with open arms (I better stop that here before any female readers, if any, get angry at me and find out where I live and give me a slap for being cheeky), But I’ve just found it interested to see so man…
Deutsches forces his own nose against the grindstone

Well today marked the first day back to school for me and the beginning of sixth form. This is like no other year like i've had during my education because i've opted to go back to school and study which gives me no room for complaint which is rather a pity. Still its nice to be treated as a human being by the teachers who are aware of this sacrafice of free time and I get nine Free periods (HA IN YOUR FACE YOU FOOLS WHO CHOSE MATHS AND HAVE ONE MORE LESSON THAN ME!) but unfortunatly two of those glorious periods will be used up, one for General studies, and one for games which will also be a hell of a lot better as we choose what we want to play and are no longer forced to play evil sports like Rugby (which is relativly fun if its not cold and wet so I won't moan too much but I still appriciate the choice element). Things promise to get quite heavy in my four chosen subjects which are: Film studies Psychology, History an…
Time has run out for Deutsches

Thats right chums every good thing has to end, and tommorow signals the end of the longest summer holiday i've had to date. 12 weeks in total! (sorta counting my study leave).
I'm sad about it purly because it means that I will have to wake up at 7 in the morning again, during this holiday so far I have been waking up at nine at a rather leisurly pace but now I will have to literally jump out of bed and then go into the shower (which speeds up the waking process but is no match for a comfy warm bed). Not only that I will need to actually work again and probably quite hard if my sixth form booklet is to be believed, as one ex-student quoted, "You really have to work now, the GCSE's were pretty much spoon fed to us".
I think that the school is trying to scare us personally and make us think "OH MY GOD!!! PANIC!!!! WORK!! FAILURE CERTAIN!!!!!!! MUST WORK OR FAIL!!!!!!!"
I personally think that we're just going to be expect…
The bears and the elephants and penguins have disappeared I would say some bad things are on the horizon.

How do fair reader(s) as those who are more eagle eyed (or have been reading this blog since it began about 6 months ago (don't quote me on that) may have noticed I have now included a picture of myself so I am no longer a faceless moaner. It also gives you a chance to see how evil I can look and why I am a force to be reakoned with (its all a load of bullshit I know).

That aside, Yesterday me and some of the Duds (Lewis/Nonneasuch didn't go for some reason which we have put down as he wanted to spend the day sparring with his friend Otis in preparation for Ju Jitsu that evening(yes he is named after a much loved TV aardvark those of you who live in England and are about my age).

Me Rob and Stewart/Dickybod met John on the train at West Wickham and we then proceeded to meet Baz and Dave/Teradud on the Train. When we arrived at Charing Cross station I finally met Sarah Stewi…
Deutsches has but a week of freedom left!

Well that's the sad truth people, I have one week before I need to start school again, I've had about 12 weeks off and its almost time to start work again. I'm not dreading this fact too much this year as I enter sixth form, I see it as an opportunity plus there will be much more freedom, as I will have study periods and be allowed off site etc. I think that should be good, I do appreciate the fact that there will be a lot more work but I know as long as I organise myself well like I have in the past it shouldn't affect my life too much.

With that thought in mind, It occurs to me that I should probably get a job so that I can have a bit more cash to hand, my coffer's are a bit low after the long summer (and I have had little or no financial reward for my pretty impressive results)

I do wonder how I'm going to cope with the increased work load from school and the prospect of working some time at the weekend and on some ev…
Dave's Back from the Land of Frogs snails and where the men have yet to discover deodorant!!!!

Yes indeed readers, I'm back from a holiday I was forced to go on. Well in true Dave style I'm going to have a little moan about my week. All started badly when me and my family purposely arrived 3 hours too early to the terminal in folkestone in hope of catching an earlier train to Calais. That it turned out was not possible without paying a large fee, so my Dad being the tightwad that he is declined and we were forced to wait in the terminal for 3 whole hours. The terminal for those who've never seen it consists of a meager amount of shops and a small food court, you seriously do not want to wait there for that amount of time.

Well soon we arrived in frogland and set of down the French motorway for 5 HOURS! I was entrusted with the responsibility of map reader that I found quite ridiculous considering I was hellbent on not going! Insulting almost, as if I owed the trip somet…