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Times high on the Bah-O-meter

Hello Readers

Once again I return to that, that is the blogosphere. I've been gone for some time, but hey I've been busy with
Psychology Coursework ( I GOT A FECKING E FOR THE DRAFT!!!! I have since improved it though)English CourseworkRevision for all my subjects plus one retake in PsychologySome work on the film courseworkDriving and that stuffUni applicationsI have actually now applied to Uni to do Journalism. I have applied to
CardiffStaffordshireSheffieldKingstonLincolnWinchesterI hope to get into Cardiff as it has the best reputation for the course I want. Things seem to be in my favour as they require ABB and I'm predicted AAB on my Application, so im moderately confident.
I have though recieved word from Staffordshire and Lincoln. Lincoln want 260 points which I think equates to quite a lowly amount in grades of about a C. Then again if I go there I get a placement at "Go Girl" magazine.
Tommorow though I have an interview with Staffordshire which means going …

Driving ambition

Hey I'm Back

Well school is well and truly underway at the moment and I've found I've actually had to do WORK AT HOME!
What a disasterous thought! quite a lot too what with annoying coursework and that.

That aside other things have been going on too.
Last week I went to teh Steve Fishers house for some drinks. That was quite fun. For a while we played Texas hold-em WITH ARMY MEN!! (currency that is) I started out with a small but effective force but through some luck and skill I had an army which would have put the chinese to shame. The proudest part was when I won Matts beloved Minesweeper dude.
After that I saved the day when we made a much needed trip to the offlicence and I produced my fake ID .
The day after that I with Chris and Nick met up with the random girls that Chris had left his number with. This required a long and slow journey to Lewisham. The whole thing can be summed up in one word as awkward. Not much was said between both parties so we decieded that this wasnt…

Summer Summary

Wow I forgot about this.

Never Mind I shall make amends as best as I can with the use of my memory. A lot has taken place since I last posted.

The first Real event of the summer Was france of course, as Has been well documented by others. I shall sum up in a few random words.
Croque Monsuire
Chris in a chefs hat
French People!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

It was good fun all in all.

The next major event was that I bought a bass guitar. Practice with that continued over the summer. I can play a few things now though not spectacualy

My dad went to have an operation on his nose which saw him out the way for a few days which was fun.

I chilled at some friends houses during this kinda interim period, went to a few parties.

Then Came results day which was quite a nervous time but it was all good
I got A's in English Language and Film
And C's in Psychology and History (which I was giving up anyways)
Then came the event summer had been building up for READING!

This was f…

Catching Up

Well a lot has happened recently. Ill keep it brief and stick to the important stuff.

I've finally taken up driving lessons over six months after getting my provisional license. I've only had four lessons as yet but I seem to be doing ok. If I was bad to start with I'm certainly improving now. Now to buy a car! Being honest its not gonna be a Ferrari and its gonna be slow but as the insurance premiums insist on being so high for learner drivers my age I have no where else to turn. Not to mention a lack of a large budget.

I have a new Job which pays a lot more than my lame shelf stacking job at Waitrose. Its not very taxing as it just involves inputting stuff into a huge computer data base but its very relaxed and easy so I'm sitting on quite a cushy deal.

Its now the summer Holidays which is always a good thing. I fortunately gave the last day of school a miss owing to the fact that I had no lessons and that it was going to suck ass anyway. By all accounts it did so I def…

Hollywood Nonsense

This is gonna be a film review post today. Yesterday I went to see war of the worlds and well in some ways I wasn't too surprised.
I mean its a Spielberg Film with Tom Cruise as the lead.
Its strayed from the original plot set in Victorian England like in the HG Wells novel.
It has a huge special effects budget.

Put the pieces together and you can see why I found it a tad annoying at times.
Having said this though the film does have some very good points as well as bad which I will now summerise.

The Good:
The alien tripods are very cool looking and sounding
The acting altogether actually isn't half bad apart from a lot of screaming and hysteria which should be expected from a disaster movie such as this.
The special effects do their job and they do it well
The story has a beginning middle and an end
Not too much emphasis is put on the human race as a whole. It follows the Ferrier family and the Ferrier family only with a few others becoming involved along the way.
At times the script is …

End of Exams

Yes thats right kids my exams are finally over although this years lot was nothing like last years with other annoying subjects like Maths and German.

Of course no exams means no more revising which leaves me with quite little to do whilst other people continue with their exams so will be reluctant to do stuff.
So I'll play the part of social sheep again and do this

01. Reply with your name and I will write a short phrase describing you.
02. I will then tell you what I admire about you.
03. I will make up a short drabble with the both of us in it.
04. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
05. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
06. Put this in your journal.

Look forward to hearing from you

Peace Out Playas!

Rockage of the highest magnitude

Hey hey Playas!

Its been one of those kinda up and down weeks, you know the ones where you shift between doing nothing one day and doing everything on another.

Tuesday: Nought!

Wenesday: Went Bowling with Chris Matt Tom and Nick (Snipp).
It started off insane as we bought some snacks which Chris insisted on offering to the passers by. The bus journey was even more random as Nick phoned the bus complaints line where he put the complaints person on hold and asked to order a bus. He actually got a number for that too.
This was good because as per usual Chris was attempting to dent the lane by hurling the ball at the ground rather than at the pins. This resulted in two of the balls being caught between the barrier and the gutter. After this we moved on to Pizza Hut which was near by.
I'd say we successfully freaked out the waiters by acting insane. Then again we broke a glass in the process but luckily managed to hide it under the table to avoid paying more for the breakage. I think our inn…

Fast Times at LPBS

Its been HECTIC lately what with exams and other things going on.

This will be a proper post with pictures and what not so rest assured it will contain the usual amount of sarcasm bitter cynacism and stuff. Just a short point to any twats who insult blogging. OUR NUMBERS INCREASE DAILY THANKS TO THE HELP OF MSN BLOG ACCOUNTS! Anyways whats so bad about doing this once in a while its not like I do it everyday! Anyways people are often stupid so fuck those who mock to hell.

Anyway to set the ball rolling here are a few random piccatures:

I found this random scarepixie at youthclub. Why it has a beak I don't know

Chapman Scared Matt onto the roof one day with his eeevily squeaky voice he can do.

Nicks love of sausages became more apparant

Someone left a SNES lying around after fly tipping a load of stuff outside the girls school

Anyways to begin the fun this story begins with the GENERAL STUDIES exams two weeks ago. Oh what a fun beginning to a fun week. The exam was 2 and half hours of poi…

Conformity strikes again

I haven't posted anything new for a while and probably wont until next week proper but just to keep you craaazy cats going heres something not completely different.

<*******SIMPLE QUESTIONS*******>>
1. NAME: Dave.
2. NICKNAMES: Deutsches, Mustafa, Dave, David, Big D, Muhammed Achfeizel (well thats a plagerisation of one of Chris's crazy inventions
3. EYES: Brown.
4. HEIGHT: 5 foot 10.
5. HAIR: Brown.spikeyish
6. SIBLINGS: Brother.
8. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD VOICE? Well I like it plus I can do this great Evil laugh
9. BIRTHDATE: Oct 10., 1987
10. SIGN: Libra
14. WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP?: Someone I can love and who loves me back, plus obviously someone who fancies me and someone I fancy (haven't met her as far as I know)

<< *******FAVORITE QUESTIONS******* >>
19. MOVIE: The Usual Suspects
20. SONG: Hysteria by Muse
22. TV SHOW: South Park, The Simpsons Dragonball Z

I am still alive

Believe it or not I am still here no matter what any chavs say (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
Its been quite busy lately what with it being the run up to the AS exams. Still though I'm gonna post to get a few thoughts and some vague pictures as you might expect.

I found this odd shaped carrot which seems to resemble a human face.

I looked upon my enemies with cold contempt.

I went to see Doug's Nick's Chard's and Danielle's AS play which was pretty good although it featured Nick in drag. Hmmm

Politics and Beer don't mix!

For some reason this morning there were Muffins and Orange Juice on the teachers desk. Why? Was this some kind of new take on giving the teacher an apple? Is our form tutor taunting those who missed breakfast? Who knows?

Anyways thats the random pictures section done with now on to some moaning.
I was watching newsround today (thats right kids its the programme that gets across all the important stuff for 6-12 years olds) and they had a young girl interviewi…

Everthing is changing and I don't feel right

A slight adaptation on the Keane song there but I feel it rings some truth for todays serving.

Change has certainly been in the air of late and not always for the better. The first such issue is the NEW CAR OF THE JANI'S!!!
News of a new car normally bring happiness and Joy to all. Sadly in this case I'm left dumbfounded at the poor choice of my Dad who simply chose it for himself and didn't even make a democratic decision by consulting me and my brother. The Car in question is a Saab 95 Convertable.
Now for some this would be a dream come true but I disagree.

Problem 1. Its a convertable: This is an odd thing to prod with critism but for me it spells a self induced nightmare. I'm very conscious of when I'm being listened too and I think nothing spells a lack of privacy than driving around with no roof! It doesn't help also if you're Dad has a bizarre and sometimes rather embarrassing taste in music which he likes to play very loudly. Not only that but its mor…

Lifes getting a tad dull

This week for some reason flew by. It seems strange that this is true considering its been quite a comparitivly dull week. Lots of lothargy and all that kinda stuff. Not only that MANY HAVE BEEN AWAY ALL WEEK AND NOT ABLE TO DO ANYTHING GODDAM IT!

Never mind that being said I will move on. I know that people have been complaining about my overuse of the picture facilities. I have to agree that it does make the site load slower than a mexican sloth with athritis but have no fear I have no reason to post loads of big pictures anymore. Today we just get smaller mobile pics

Sunday: The only thing I really did today was go to CLOTHES SHOP!!!! NOOO!! THE PAIN!! THE MISERY!!! THAT ANNOYING MANOTONY!!! It was in aid of a good cause though. I now own two suits instead of just the one. My new one is a rather nice Marks and Spencers black one! I quite like it. Apart from that I watched the Bahrain Grand Prix and was pleasantly surprised to see Schumacher retired with an engine failure.

Monday: I we…

EGGciting Times!

Yes I know the joke is purile and rubbish but whos cares THIS IS MY BLOG!
Well the Easter Holidays are now in full swing and I have to say that this week so far has been quite a busy one.
Thursday: Today was the last day of school and I found my precence there was utterly pointless as I didnt have the one proper lesson I was supposed to have that day. The other lesson that was taken up by the Assembly/Showcase was a free anyway.
The showcase/Assembly I was not looking forward to as the last one had consisted of Chav dancing and some band music and singing. Not really my idea of entertainment. But after the usual kissing up to the "Hockey Bastards" the showcase began. This time it consisted of a music, which was fly me to the moon. I didnt think this was too bad although not very interesting. Rob kept complaining that the keyboard player was playing it badly or summit. Then came an act which was a year nine boy in a pink leotard pretending to be an italian magician. This I thou…