Thursday, December 15, 2005

Times high on the Bah-O-meter

Hello Readers

Once again I return to that, that is the blogosphere. I've been gone for some time, but hey I've been busy with
  • Psychology Coursework ( I GOT A FECKING E FOR THE DRAFT!!!! I have since improved it though)
  • English Coursework
  • Revision for all my subjects plus one retake in Psychology
  • Some work on the film coursework
  • Driving and that stuff
  • Uni applications
I have actually now applied to Uni to do Journalism. I have applied to
  1. Cardiff
  2. Staffordshire
  3. Sheffield
  4. Kingston
  5. Lincoln
  6. Winchester
I hope to get into Cardiff as it has the best reputation for the course I want. Things seem to be in my favour as they require ABB and I'm predicted AAB on my Application, so im moderately confident.
I have though recieved word from Staffordshire and Lincoln. Lincoln want 260 points which I think equates to quite a lowly amount in grades of about a C. Then again if I go there I get a placement at "Go Girl" magazine.
Tommorow though I have an interview with Staffordshire which means going to Stoke-on-trent!! A long way for a 30-40 minute interview.

Why are these time high on the Bah-0-meter? I'll tell you why. Its christmas time where the likes of these pieces of crap are popular. Still though its an excuse for drunkness etc etc. That's not my key concern, oh no. My problem is the impending January exams which are looming down on us all. The knock-on effect is that I have to revise heavily over the holidays.

Still though there you go people a short post to keep things ticking although more will probably crop up over the next couple of weeks that can be mentioned.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Driving ambition

Hey I'm Back

Well school is well and truly underway at the moment and I've found I've actually had to do WORK AT HOME!
What a disasterous thought! quite a lot too what with annoying coursework and that.

That aside other things have been going on too.
Last week I went to teh Steve Fishers house for some drinks. That was quite fun. For a while we played Texas hold-em WITH ARMY MEN!! (currency that is) I started out with a small but effective force but through some luck and skill I had an army which would have put the chinese to shame. The proudest part was when I won Matts beloved Minesweeper dude.
After that I saved the day when we made a much needed trip to the offlicence and I produced my fake ID .
The day after that I with Chris and Nick met up with the random girls that Chris had left his number with. This required a long and slow journey to Lewisham. The whole thing can be summed up in one word as awkward. Not much was said between both parties so we decieded that this wasnt worth bothering with. However One of the girls phoned Chris afterwards and it seemed things are sorted now and maybe we'll be seeing more of these people. I'm fine with that as long as they are more talkative personally because I mean you make an effort and it pisses me off if someone is incapable of trying to continue conversation.
After that the very same day Nick Staines Guy (Reading Chum) and I wandered into the pits of hell (Camberwell) for a party of some girl I didnt know at all. The good thing was it was open house, this struck me as being a bit of a laugh. Unfortuanatly we arrived to find it was cancelled. I was pissed off but it didnt stop me enjoying a free meal on Nicks parents and Half of the Whiskey that Guy had bought along. A bad night was saved.

I passed my driving theory test! Thats right I'M SEMI QUALIFIED TO DRIVE!
There is actually some semi-interesting anecdotes behind this.
Firstly I had to take the bus to Croydon because the Rents decided to be out. This meant taking a bus past Shirley during the School run. The bus was crowded with bastard Small Chavs! They made loud squeaking noises near the back of the bus. One idiot held down the bus stop button, which pissed off the driver to no end and then when they finally got off they started bashing their hands against the windows. It really makes me wish I had a handy shotgun at times.
Then I arrived in Croydon where I had to wonder for half an hour as I was way too early.
Eventually I got the test underway. During it I thought I had failed when I got penalised on the Hazard Perception test. The bastard thing said I had clicked too many times and would lose my score for that clip. Still though I aced the bastard so thats now that!

A lot is going to happen over the next few weeks. I've got my 18th in about a week which will hail me finally be able to order drinks from pubs with no issues and other such rambuntious japes.
Maybe some film trips and that
I'm also set to return to New York in October for a short family holiday which will yield loads of photos and that. Also John is supposed to be going at the same time so maybe I'll bump into him too.
There be a good few weeks ahead

PEace OUt PLAyas

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer Summary

Wow I forgot about this.

Never Mind I shall make amends as best as I can with the use of my memory. A lot has taken place since I last posted.

The first Real event of the summer Was france of course, as Has been well documented by others. I shall sum up in a few random words.
Croque Monsuire
Chris in a chefs hat
French People!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

It was good fun all in all.

The next major event was that I bought a bass guitar. Practice with that continued over the summer. I can play a few things now though not spectacualy

My dad went to have an operation on his nose which saw him out the way for a few days which was fun.

I chilled at some friends houses during this kinda interim period, went to a few parties.

Then Came results day which was quite a nervous time but it was all good
I got A's in English Language and Film
And C's in Psychology and History (which I was giving up anyways)
Then came the event summer had been building up for READING!

This was fantastic. There I went to the front of QOTSA (Queens of the Stoneage) which was quite tiring but hey I saw Josh Homme Up close and got crowd Surfed so all was good. I also saw the Killers, Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden, The Coral, Incubus, Iggy and the Stooges, The Dropkick Murpheys and the Foo Fighters. Aside from the music a lot went on. I smoked a cigar which I have to say I enjoyed a lot. Chris Devised a new catchphrase; "Judge it!" (or destroy it). On the last night we judged a burger van which was fun as the guy had tried to attack Chris who had been trying to steal a ATM sign. Well we threw things thats about it.
I then made the unwise decision to stay up all night with no sleep, And on a hot day with little going on and walking lots with heavy items makes a hellish scenario, Especially on the london underground.
We also started a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fire which consisted of tents, chairs, gas canisters (they make a mighty bang, tarps and various other items of camping equipment. Others joined in throwing other such items on we had a huge group of people judging with us, Then the fire brigade ruined our fun. I wont be calling them in future!

Since that I went to Quasar with some others which like jon says is crap. That night also saw a largish party at Chris's house which I got more drunk than usual at. However I managed to keep it all in as usual and didnt pass out so thats another notch on my wall of drunken durability success.

I also went to the BBQ where I judged someones sheep. which was a bit of a laugh.

And today I went back to school which was ok as I have 2 frees before lunch leaving the majority of the day free. I can live with it just fine. Sorry about the vagueness but I really cannot remember a lot of it very clearly but this will do until I have something new to write about.
I've also noticed that these days everyone and his dog seems to have a blog of some sort owing to the MSN spaces and it's a fast growing trend. Those who scorn blogging seem to be turning slowly. HA!

Peace Out Playa's

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Catching Up

Well a lot has happened recently. Ill keep it brief and stick to the important stuff.

I've finally taken up driving lessons over six months after getting my provisional license. I've only had four lessons as yet but I seem to be doing ok. If I was bad to start with I'm certainly improving now. Now to buy a car! Being honest its not gonna be a Ferrari and its gonna be slow but as the insurance premiums insist on being so high for learner drivers my age I have no where else to turn. Not to mention a lack of a large budget.

I have a new Job which pays a lot more than my lame shelf stacking job at Waitrose. Its not very taxing as it just involves inputting stuff into a huge computer data base but its very relaxed and easy so I'm sitting on quite a cushy deal.

Its now the summer Holidays which is always a good thing. I fortunately gave the last day of school a miss owing to the fact that I had no lessons and that it was going to suck ass anyway. By all accounts it did so I defiantly didn't miss anything.

There quite a lot to come as well. Of course there'll be the normal London and cinema trips but I'm also going to France next week which should be good. It won't hopefully be as bad as going away with my family which normally is rubbish for various reasons plus I can't stand them in long stints.
I'm also going to Reading this year for the bank holiday weekend which I reckon is gonna be two tuns of fun and a half. I mean getting wasted for a long weekend with bands like Queens of the Stoneage, Iron Maiden and The Foo Fighters intertwined It should be a weekend to remember.
Although I still need a tent for that.

I have decided also over the summer to learn the bass as it has a cool sound and is relatively easy to pick up and learn. I still need to buy one though so in that sense its not been a good start.

Right that outlines a lot of important stuff I want to get across. Now for some complaints

I was having a quick peek at some stuff on IMDB and came across a Pink Panther Prequel that us being made. Of course it can't have peter sellers considering he's been dead for 25 years so Steve Martin has stepped in to fill the void. I think that's ok. It was when I discovered SOME IDIOT HAS CAST BEYONCE KNOWLES IN IT! Now I think the likes of Goldmember among other films have proven that Miss Knowles is a crap actor. Not to mention the fact I despise Destinys Child with a passion. WHY HER! WHY!!! If threes one thing I cannot stand its is when a popular singer becomes an actor. I mean look at Sting, Ice Cube and Beyonce S Club THE SPICE GIRLS!. It certainly doesn't strike a good chord. I'm not saying it can't be done however, I just think it generally is a crap idea and is annoying. All they get cast for is their fame and not their skill. That's Hollywood for you I guess.

Another Problem TERRORISTS.
This is just getting annoying now, a bunch of fanatic god botherers seeming to think that a quick way to salvation is to blow themselves up in a crowd. How can people be that stupid. That's right stupider than some Red Neck Conservative mid west Americans! Another problem with this is that now some people start to panic and insist on idiotic ideas like airport style security on the Underground. Still its only a proposition at this time and nothing is concrete. I must admit we've been quite mellow about everything. Well compared to the Americans. I just wish these pratts who are doing it would think of a slightly more articulate way of making a point that isn't clear to me, or many others for that matter, at all.
It really doesn't benefit anyone. Not even your cause.

Peace Out Playas

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hollywood Nonsense

This is gonna be a film review post today. Yesterday I went to see war of the worlds and well in some ways I wasn't too surprised.
I mean its a Spielberg Film with Tom Cruise as the lead.
Its strayed from the original plot set in Victorian England like in the HG Wells novel.
It has a huge special effects budget.

Put the pieces together and you can see why I found it a tad annoying at times.
Having said this though the film does have some very good points as well as bad which I will now summerise.

The Good:
The alien tripods are very cool looking and sounding
The acting altogether actually isn't half bad apart from a lot of screaming and hysteria which should be expected from a disaster movie such as this.
The special effects do their job and they do it well
The story has a beginning middle and an end
Not too much emphasis is put on the human race as a whole. It follows the Ferrier family and the Ferrier family only with a few others becoming involved along the way.
At times the script is very emotive.
There is some good symbolism in this film. Notably the holocaust references. "its not a war its an extermination" and the empty falling clothes (ala Auschwitz). Very significant when you consider that Spielburg is a Jewish director.

The Bad:
The acting and character of the Son. He really is a wanker. If I were Ray Ferrier I probably would have knocked him out at times.
The fact that when they reach Boston it is almost completely intact where as in the other homes of the Ferrier family there is no remains left of any buildings. I can't stand endings where it ends too well. I mean lets be realistic its much more likely that that Ray's in-laws place would have been annihilated. The fact that Ray's ex-wife and SON and parents all survived would have been a bonus in itself. But the fact they seem quite untouched by the omnipotent threat of GIANT KILLER ALIEN TRIPODS and are living quite cosily in the house on a rather un-touched road.
There was some very annoying American symbolism along the way. Like the constant yell at first of "is it terrorists!" and later the gun ho attitude of trying to fight the aliens who are invunerable to all weapons THE SON AGAIN!!!!! Then near the end of the film there is a ruined statue of an American patriot from the War of independence GAH!
There is little reference as to what became of the rest of the world. Apart from America obviously.
The mass crowd of Hysterical Americans.
There seemed to be a complete lack of anyone other race apart from white people.

All in all I'd have to say I was disappointed by this film. Spielberg could have made something much more of this film. Sadly its some of the little things that let this film down as well as some key fundamental elements
Id have to give it 6 out of 10 in my rankings

Thursday, June 09, 2005

End of Exams

Yes thats right kids my exams are finally over although this years lot was nothing like last years with other annoying subjects like Maths and German.

Of course no exams means no more revising which leaves me with quite little to do whilst other people continue with their exams so will be reluctant to do stuff.
So I'll play the part of social sheep again and do this

01. Reply with your name and I will write a short phrase describing you.
02. I will then tell you what I admire about you.
03. I will make up a short drabble with the both of us in it.
04. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
05. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
06. Put this in your journal.

Look forward to hearing from you

Peace Out Playas!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Rockage of the highest magnitude

Hey hey Playas!

Its been one of those kinda up and down weeks, you know the ones where you shift between doing nothing one day and doing everything on another.

Tuesday: Nought!

Wenesday: Went Bowling with Chris Matt Tom and Nick (Snipp).
It started off insane as we bought some snacks which Chris insisted on offering to the passers by. The bus journey was even more random as Nick phoned the bus complaints line where he put the complaints person on hold and asked to order a bus. He actually got a number for that too.
This was good because as per usual Chris was attempting to dent the lane by hurling the ball at the ground rather than at the pins. This resulted in two of the balls being caught between the barrier and the gutter. After this we moved on to Pizza Hut which was near by.
I'd say we successfully freaked out the waiters by acting insane. Then again we broke a glass in the process but luckily managed to hide it under the table to avoid paying more for the breakage. I think our innocent act when paying the bill was a tad transparent though. It was still damn funny as we attempted to hide from their accusing stares from across the road where the bus stop was.
After this we just ended up drinking so it was a good end to a good day.

Thursday: This wasn't too bad as I ended up seeing Episode 3 again this time with my family. It was nice though because I wasn't paying this time. It also meant we got to eat out too which is always nice.

Friday: Mostly boring until the evening when I went up to Matts hoose where Tom Nick and Chris joined us.

Saturday: The morning and Afternoon I did Buggerall

Image Hosted by
Still though there were good omens abound as I found this pleasant surprise in my breakfast.

Much later I made my way out for the biggest event of late. THE SYSTEM OF A DOWN CONCERT AT BRIXTON ACADEMY.
I met up with Matt Rob Guest and his Girlfriend Anna and we made our way to teh station which has taken me to many great places, Bromley South. So far has been the beginning to the Alton Towers journey, The MUSE journey and now The SOAD journey.
There we met with Kyrill Sami Yusef and Charlie Allen. We headed over to that fabled rhelm of Brixton.
All I can say is it isn't very nice, infact its a complete dump. Theres graffiti even on some really high up places like on this clock tower near the station.
Firstly why bother going to all that trouble for that
Secondly HOW!!? I believe it was Uberchavs with Jetpacks

We then ambled down the mean streets of Brixton and joined the rather long queue. It went round an entire sorta block. Then again as we grew closer we noticed a big black coach pull up. This coach had a picture of some random mustacheo'd bloke on it which was kinda funny. Soon we realised that this was the band coach as they suddenly embarked from it. This was the cause of much cheerage.
Another source of jokes was the kids who were waiting in front of us who had accidently come a day earlier having mistaken the dates on their tickets.

Image Hosted by
We then finally got inside.

What then followed was quite a lot of waiting until the Support band came on. The band was the 80's matchbox band (or something like that). Personally I thought they were a bit shite.

After they were finished we began getting quite excited.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
As you can see (ok I know I don't look that excited but...SCREEW YOU!) We were all in the height of anticipation.

Image Hosted by
Sometimes this went a bit far.

Finally they came on stage.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

It was quite a good set list too although They played all my favourites like BYOB, Cigaro, Chop Suey, Forest, Revenga, Soldier Side, Sugar, Aerials and Toxicity. The guitarist has a really weird voice and says some really weird stuff.
Ah twas great fun all in all.

The next week should be ok for me as I only have one exam and once thats done I'm free to enjoy the rest of study leave. It just makes me wonder how it feels to do Welsh as they will have to revise until the very end of study leave.
Ah well thats not my problem.

Peace Out Playas!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Fast Times at LPBS

Its been HECTIC lately what with exams and other things going on.

This will be a proper post with pictures and what not so rest assured it will contain the usual amount of sarcasm bitter cynacism and stuff. Just a short point to any twats who insult blogging. OUR NUMBERS INCREASE DAILY THANKS TO THE HELP OF MSN BLOG ACCOUNTS! Anyways whats so bad about doing this once in a while its not like I do it everyday! Anyways people are often stupid so fuck those who mock to hell.

Anyway to set the ball rolling here are a few random piccatures:

Image Hosted by
I found this random scarepixie at youthclub. Why it has a beak I don't know

Image Hosted by
Chapman Scared Matt onto the roof one day with his eeevily squeaky voice he can do.

Image Hosted by
Nicks love of sausages became more apparant

Image Hosted by
Someone left a SNES lying around after fly tipping a load of stuff outside the girls school

Anyways to begin the fun this story begins with the GENERAL STUDIES exams two weeks ago. Oh what a fun beginning to a fun week. The exam was 2 and half hours of pointless questions like "what is a fact?" and a comprehension on how fishing helped prevent young criminals reoffend. Hmm the luring temptation of putting General studies on my Application form grows ever stronger.

Anyway that was just the beginning of a hellish week where I actually had to work and do homework like normal. NOOOOOO!!!!! It also involved a lot of practice papers preperation work and teachers going.

Anyway that week was over and a better weekend promised.
This involved a trip down to Littlehampton to visit some of the people I met back in April who were friends of Emily (Robs Girlfriend). I left Croydon with my Travelling companions Chris and Nick (Staines). The journey was quite fun I spent most of it reading the Viz I'd bought from the station. I spent much of the time lauging at a article in it about the mascots of popular TV shows like "Hendrix the Top of the pops Parrot, who was retired after biting a bit off Fearne Cottons ear (Good going parrot)"
We soon arrived and went to the hoose we were staying at and had lunch. We were staying with someone called a Amanda who had some kinda UBER seaside house with about 5 floors. Chris and her exchanged gifts for twas his Birthday and hers was in a few days. Chris got a toy swan and some chocolate. She got a happy 50th birthday card and money from us.

Image Hosted by
Dumpty was upon the wall.

Later we went bowling and I actually played quite well. It was there we met a load of random people. One of these was A bloke called Toby who was supposed to come to London but didnt for some reason. He was a total LEGEND!!!!!!

That night we went back to teh UBER HOOSE to watch "Without A Paddle" It was quite a typical film as it involved 3 men going on some journey to find some treasure they had sought after as kids. As these films often go they do they succeed after an intolorable and at times humoerous journey then discover the treasure is symobolic as they have infact grown up on their journey. Especially the uptight one who is played rather surprisingly by the petite Seth Green (Austin Powers - Scott Evil).

Most of Us had fallen asleep by the end but me and Chris deceided to take advantage of nick who was still asleep by undoing his flies. Ah his face was a picture!

We then went to bed in our lodgings which were a haunted attic complete with rustic whistly draught. I found it quite Eerie.

Image Hosted by
Luckily for Chris he had his swan for comfort.

Next morning after a good rest we ambled back to the station said our goodbyes and headed for home. The journey was a tad annoying as there was a screaming child near us and the parents were next to useless in trying to solve this annoyance!

After arriving back at the station my Dad kindly dropped the others back and then I went straight to a Mafia Barbeque. It was fun there was food I sorted out some business saw some old friends who I hadn't seen for a number of years.

The next week was to be hell being LITTERED WITH EXAMS!!!
MONDAY: General Studies again which proved to be just a rubbish.
TUESDAY: Film and English Language. I did quite well in the former and not so well in the latter.
WEDNESDAY: A full day of Psychology revision.
THURSDAY: The day of the THREE HOUR!!!! Psychology exam. It went ok
FRIDAY: I chilled for most of the day and then headed out in the evening to a gig in London with Matt and Nick (Staines).

Image Hosted by
I noticed this Pub in Islington where the Gig was. Seriously how did they get away with that. Oh well no harm done.

The gig itself was pretty good although I lost my hearing and got very sweaty. I moshed too which didnt help but it was cool to begin with. At first it just consisted of pushing a my strength amongst these people became quite apparent which was cool. Then the sick people joined in and kept punching people so a lot of people stopped. This provided practice for the System of a Down Concert I'm going to next week (I will probably die). After the fun had ended we headed for home .

SATURDAY: I spent the day mainly chilling then headed to Nicks house for drinkage which was to be pretty crazy. I had about 7 pints in the end and was a bit tipsy but not as bad as Tom who was pretty out of it by the end.

Image Hosted by
Chris decieded to play the same prank on Tom as he did to Nick last week

Image Hosted by
Is there no stopping this maniac.

SUNDAY: I was ushered out of bed quickly and went off to where my Dads best friend lives.

Image Hosted by
Its quite nice there.

It isn't all his just one part of it but the area is about the same as my house.
There were also lots of facilities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, fishing pond and local Swan.

MONDAY: After staying up for most of the night watching Star Wars I woke up after a hard night on the floor. We quickly left and we then went to my Aunts house in Kingston where we did pretty much bugger all. I did buy Anchorman and Dodgeball on DVD which was pretty cool.

So thats the great epic.

Onto other things: DAMN THAT CRAZY FROG. Its a stupid sound plagerised from this. Then it was added to a crappy animation as the form the frog takes today. Now this wasnt so bad as it was actually kind of funny. Well to be honest the animation was shit but some people liked it. Then it became popular when people added it to the humble mobile. Since then the company Promoting it Jamster. Has shamelessly been saturating the market. Starting small with the occasional MTV ad. Then with a couple of ads in a break. Then things took a down turn when you could end up seeing up to four of the exact same adverts in a break for this DAMN FROG on the music channels on satillite. Then the frog made the transition to our terrestrial screens and there was no stopping him. Now this AWFUL new Frog mix is number one in our charts, Jamster has various spin offs like SWEETY THE BLOODY CHICK and NESSY THE FUCKING DRAGON.
We are beyond help people this is the first wave of a constant attack waiting to hit us and do the same. WE ARE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS NOW!

So as per usual there is no hope for any of us especially me.

PEACE OUT PLAYA (I Have that film (Garden State) now YAY!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Conformity strikes again

I haven't posted anything new for a while and probably wont until next week proper but just to keep you craaazy cats going heres something not completely different.

<*******SIMPLE QUESTIONS*******>>
1. NAME: Dave.
2. NICKNAMES: Deutsches, Mustafa, Dave, David, Big D, Muhammed Achfeizel (well thats a plagerisation of one of Chris's crazy inventions
3. EYES: Brown.
4. HEIGHT: 5 foot 10.
5. HAIR: Brown.spikeyish
6. SIBLINGS: Brother.
8. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD VOICE? Well I like it plus I can do this great Evil laugh
9. BIRTHDATE: Oct 10., 1987
10. SIGN: Libra
14. WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP?: Someone I can love and who loves me back, plus obviously someone who fancies me and someone I fancy (haven't met her as far as I know)

<< *******FAVORITE QUESTIONS******* >>
19. MOVIE: The Usual Suspects
20. SONG: Hysteria by Muse
22. TV SHOW: South Park, The Simpsons Dragonball Z
23. ACTOR: Kevin Spacey

24. ACTRESS: Uma Thurman
25. FOOD: Pizza though only just.
26. NUMBER: 10
27. CARTOON: South Park.
28. DISNEY CHARACTER: Jafar out of Aladdin although he fucked up things a bit

<<******LOVE LIFE ETC*******>>
34. SEX: Wouldnt mind a bit of that.
37. DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH?: Well I like some people... HEY! What is this truth or dare!?

<<*********EITHER-OR (PICK WHICH ONE YOU PREFER)*********>>
38. MUSIC/TV: Music.
39. GUYS/GIRLS: Girls except for the bitchy ones.
40. GREEN/BLUE: Blue.
41. PINK/PURPLE: Purple.
42. SUMMER/WINTER: Summer.
43. NIGHT/DAY: Day.
45. DOPEY/FUNNY: Funny.

<<*******ALL ABOUT YOU*******>>
46. WEIRD SAYING YOU HAVE: PIGEONS!! I'll CRUSH THEM! That sucks the Arses!! ITS ON!!!
49. WHAT'S A MAJOR TURN-ON FOR YOU?: Not being a twat / not having a really annoying face take Jordan for example, Nice until you get to that vacant face!
50. HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO ON A FIRST DATE?: Not too far I don't really like to pressure women.
MOST CARING: I defininatly have the potential to be but probably Jon
SMARTEST: Its a toss up between Rob Jon or Lewis
BEST PERSONALITY: Me but I'm obviously biased in that one.
BEST MATE(S): Matt, Chris, Tom, Nick Staines and Snipp, Rob, Jon, Dave, Dan, Chard, Lewis
53. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF SOUL MATES? I believe there has to be someone like that out there and I'm unsure who the hell its going to be its gonna be quite a thing to find out.
55. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU CRIED OR GOT TEARY ABOUT? Its a little bit personal that but I didnt cry about it but I can't really elaborate as it could be awkward.
Girls: The obsession with Honesty and the fact they seem to be infallable or are at least made to think so and wont accept any other view on that.
57. ARE YOU HAPPY? Not really.
58. WHY? Most bad things in my life that could have happened already have I've never really lived to the full and to be honest I dont know who the hell I am.
59. WHAT'S AN OBJECT YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT?: My bed its really comfy.
60. LOVE OR LUST?: Love.

64. HAVE YOU EVER GONE SKINNY-DIPPING?: Well once many years ago.
66. DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING PIERCED?: No. Why would I want to poke a hole in me for gods sake
70. WHERE WOULD YOU WANT TO GO ON YOUR HONEYMOON?: Cruise round the Balkans.
73. FAVOURITE SPORT?: Formula One.
74. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: Meglomania, People I hate or dislike suffering in some form, The chance to be smug, power, when everything finally goes to plan
75. NEXT CD YOU GONNA GET?: I dont know.
77. WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE GIVEN TO YOU? "Always pursue you're dreams"
79.WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE GOALS?: Get some kind of Uber job, start a family Somehow aquire superpowers and not waste time in taking over the world and killing all who have bothered me or got in the way.
82. ON THE PHONE OR IN PERSON?: In person.
83. HUGS OR KISSES?? Hugs.
84. WHAT SONG SEEMS TO REFLECT YOU THE MOST?: A mixture of Hysteria and Boulevard of Broken Dreams
87. WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST FEAR?: The death of those close to me, rejection.
89. WHAT TIME IS IT IN ALBANIA NOW?: What sort of a question is that
90. WHAT IF GOD WAS ONE OF US?: I'd seek to gain his power.
92. IF E.T. KNOCKED ON YOUR DOOR HOLDING UP A PEACE SIGN ASKING TO USE YOUR PHONE WHAT WOULD YOU DO?: Well I'd let him use the phone and offer him a cup of tea.
94. WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS?: I could tell you that but nah.
95. LAST TIME YOU WERE DEPRESSED?: Its an on off kind of thing at the moment what with exams and lonliness/boredom being a problem.
96. ARE YOU AN ALCOHOLIC?: No but I do enjoy a drink or ten at the weekend .
97. WHO SENT THIS EMAIL TO YOU? I nicked it from Lewis.
98. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT PERSON?: He shares my crazy views on domination but I feel maybe he's more ruthless than I could be as I do like to cause pain but it often causes regret.

Well that was fun wasn't it kids! maybe I've said too much but who cares anyways
Peace out playas!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I am still alive

Believe it or not I am still here no matter what any chavs say (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
Its been quite busy lately what with it being the run up to the AS exams. Still though I'm gonna post to get a few thoughts and some vague pictures as you might expect.

Image Hosted by
I found this odd shaped carrot which seems to resemble a human face.

Image Hosted by
I looked upon my enemies with cold contempt.

Image Hosted by
I went to see Doug's Nick's Chard's and Danielle's AS play which was pretty good although it featured Nick in drag. Hmmm

Image Hosted by
Politics and Beer don't mix!

Image Hosted by
For some reason this morning there were Muffins and Orange Juice on the teachers desk. Why? Was this some kind of new take on giving the teacher an apple? Is our form tutor taunting those who missed breakfast? Who knows?

Anyways thats the random pictures section done with now on to some moaning.
I was watching newsround today (thats right kids its the programme that gets across all the important stuff for 6-12 years olds) and they had a young girl interviewing the Prime Minister. Now my first point is that its seems as if someone at Newsround is trying to stir things up as this girl was wearing a muslim headscarf and body dress. Hmmm now with the war in Iraq is an important issue in this election so do you think some one will notice if we send someone who may be affected by this to interview the man who authorised the war (on our part any way).

Anyway that being said she dug into him with important questions about what he's going to do for education etc. A good point considering that affects the audience. The next array of questions was what bothered me! These were
"Which celeb would you like to hang out with" "Nelson Mandela" (fair enough he is an important figure)
"Whats the name to the new Harry Potter book" I don't know (Well I don't think that would affect my choice of PM"
"Which Pop band would you be" Answer: U2 (fair point)
People are stupid sometimes.

Now onto a noteworthy event:
I went to London from my Uncles hoose in Dulwich to London to see "Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy"

Image Hosted by
Heres one of my normal group shots you may think we're a group of rejects but those who think that may want to take a look see at this.

We went to see the film in Leceister Square. All In all I felt that the film wasn't that bad although Chard insists that it was awful and untrue to the book. I felt personally that the film although lacking in some coherency in the last third a bit was funny and a good laugh. Maybe its not for the die hard fans which makes its reason d'etre a bit confused but well it entertained me enough and doesn't suck as much as the last film I saw which was "Guess who" which was a huuge disappointment

Peace out Playas!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Everthing is changing and I don't feel right

A slight adaptation on the Keane song there but I feel it rings some truth for todays serving.

Change has certainly been in the air of late and not always for the better. The first such issue is the NEW CAR OF THE JANI'S!!!
News of a new car normally bring happiness and Joy to all. Sadly in this case I'm left dumbfounded at the poor choice of my Dad who simply chose it for himself and didn't even make a democratic decision by consulting me and my brother. The Car in question is a Saab 95 Convertable.
Now for some this would be a dream come true but I disagree.

Problem 1. Its a convertable: This is an odd thing to prod with critism but for me it spells a self induced nightmare. I'm very conscious of when I'm being listened too and I think nothing spells a lack of privacy than driving around with no roof! It doesn't help also if you're Dad has a bizarre and sometimes rather embarrassing taste in music which he likes to play very loudly. Not only that but its more likly to be stolen.

Problem 2. Its only got two doors: Now I'm probably not the only one who doesn't like the annoying experience of having to move out of you're comfy chair in the passenger seat to make way for someone to try to squeeze through the limited door space. The thought of having to do it regularly fills me with great annoyance! Especially if you were to consider if I were to give a lift to a friend or something.

Problem 3. ITS GREY!!!! Grey is one of the most boring colours in the world and my fool of a Dad has gone and chosen GREY!

Phew that was a long moan.
Changes though have come in other forms though. Fiona has left our school! She's defected to the girls school next door! Now I'm probably not alone in thinking that this is quite rash. Especially if you consider she also is now going to have to repeat year 12! All because of Tom apparently which I also think is a bit much. Tom may be clingy and a tad overbearing towards her but I don't think she should make him a scapegoat for all the problems of late (the same counts for Tom too who really should get a grip!)

Other changes! well well errrrrrr Supposedly Mr Robinson has dies (unconfirmed) I successfully, with the help of John, prevented chavs from overrunning the Psythian centre, not much else that I can think of at this point, but the other two are such big changes I think they deserve some attention.

And now for something completly different:
Mens magazines are really stupid sometimes. Now I read quite a few of these so called "mens mens" magazines like FHM, NUTS etc. I can't say I don't enjoy them. I love massive Mammeries as much as the next man or maleshe. What I don't like is some of the other aspects of it. The first of which being the heavy focus on Football. They go on about it as if its some noble sport of kings thats a privalage for everyman on the planet. Well last time I checked I'm a man and all I can say is I don't particually like Football.

What is it but 11 men kicking a ball around a pitch in shorts!? It's also not just the fact its a boring game but the fact its coupled with idiots who go to Football matches religiously and make sure to beat up someone in the other teams fanbase (now to be fair this is a minority but its still a good point). Footballers are also terrible role models for children, who tend to generally love football. Now lets take for example Wayne Rooney. He is a superb Player with the world at his feet and what does he do? Swears at the ref on a regular basis (he's only doing his job) and punches people in nightclubs. Now sorry if I don't buy into that whole culture!

Anyway back to the point. Another thing I recently noticed in these magazines is a rather crude view on the fact we have an election soon, For it they have created a rather stupid poster for people to put up to scare of canvassers; to quote it says "NO CANDIDATES!
  • Can you see to it that the bar made fancies me?
  • Can you promise my team will win on Saturdays?
  • Can you make all Beer free?
If the answer to the above is no then please be so kind as to leave me to my PS2/TV/Girlfriend"
Now I have no problem with the free beer but what wrong with just telling the candidates to FECK OFF! If they bother you then why would they expect you to vote for them if they're going to be nothing but a nuisence. Aside from that they aren't too bad aside from the fact they seem to make so many lame naked/breast/women jokes which do get a tad tiresome.
Overall I find a mans man really annoying. They never shut up about Football, They are normally hockey boys so are twats to people like me who don't really bother them but they taunt us!, They have curvatious girlfriends despite the fact they are Twats! (read most chavs)
Whats a guy like me to do! (read not particually unattractive rather quiet and intelligent although never really satisfied with anything)
Peace out!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Lifes getting a tad dull

This week for some reason flew by. It seems strange that this is true considering its been quite a comparitivly dull week. Lots of lothargy and all that kinda stuff. Not only that MANY HAVE BEEN AWAY ALL WEEK AND NOT ABLE TO DO ANYTHING GODDAM IT!

Never mind that being said I will move on. I know that people have been complaining about my overuse of the picture facilities. I have to agree that it does make the site load slower than a mexican sloth with athritis but have no fear I have no reason to post loads of big pictures anymore. Today we just get smaller mobile pics

Sunday: The only thing I really did today was go to CLOTHES SHOP!!!! NOOO!! THE PAIN!! THE MISERY!!! THAT ANNOYING MANOTONY!!! It was in aid of a good cause though. I now own two suits instead of just the one. My new one is a rather nice Marks and Spencers black one! I quite like it. Apart from that I watched the Bahrain Grand Prix and was pleasantly surprised to see Schumacher retired with an engine failure.

Monday: I went to West Wickham to buy my brother a birthday present. We were having birthday celebrations for him the following day as his actual birthday is on the first day back and he's going on the Norfolk trip that day. I ended up buying him Family Guy series 3 as a present.
After that I put my culinary skills to work to make my own Pizza

Image Hosted by
Here it is before It went in the oven

Image Hosted by
Heres the wonderous finished product! It was damn tasty!

That night I had a few drinks out.

Image Hosted by
Here's me looking more sophisticated than usual because of it.

Tuesday: The day of teh celebrations for me brother. Most of the day we watched Family Guy! It was quite fun really.

Image Hosted by
My brother had the best cake you will ever see. Aside from that we sat around with relatives and had drink and a curry! It was pretty good

Wednesday: The busiest day of the week. Me Matt Tom Ashley Louis and GGGary went to Quasar. Unfortunatly we were up against a team of elite Quasar Chavs! needless to say I lost badly. After that we wondered around Bromley a little before...

Image Hosted by
Matt and Tom had a mighty Plunger Duel

Image Hosted by
Tom was the Victor.

After that we went home for a bit before going to a pub in the evening called the Alexandra where Chris's band was playing. It was a good performance. Then again he did play Hysteria today. Some things went a bit awry which I don't wish to divulge on the benifit of the persons involved. Luckily I wasn't involved in it.

Thursday: This was a boring day I didnt really do anything except more homework.

Friday: did nothing all day until teh evening when I had Matt Rob Stewart and Chris over. Stewart has the pictures of it much to my personal horror.

Saturday: Work Work Work again! ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES DAVE PISSED OFF!! Now wheres my voo doo doll of Dale Winton!

Anyways that was the week that was and it kinda sucked and now I'm faced with the prospect of lots of work in the face of exams. DON'T YOU LOVE SUMMERTIME KIDS!!!


Thursday, March 31, 2005

EGGciting Times!

Yes I know the joke is purile and rubbish but whos cares THIS IS MY BLOG!
Well the Easter Holidays are now in full swing and I have to say that this week so far has been quite a busy one.
Thursday: Today was the last day of school and I found my precence there was utterly pointless as I didnt have the one proper lesson I was supposed to have that day. The other lesson that was taken up by the Assembly/Showcase was a free anyway.
The showcase/Assembly I was not looking forward to as the last one had consisted of Chav dancing and some band music and singing. Not really my idea of entertainment. But after the usual kissing up to the "Hockey Bastards" the showcase began. This time it consisted of a music, which was fly me to the moon. I didnt think this was too bad although not very interesting. Rob kept complaining that the keyboard player was playing it badly or summit. Then came an act which was a year nine boy in a pink leotard pretending to be an italian magician. This I thought was quite well done and relativly funny. Much better than I expected.
The Rest of the day was dedicated to lothargy.

Good Friday: This was another rather lothargic day as I enjoyed the beginning of the holidays in my customary fashion. Later on my Aunt and Uncle came round for din dins which was quite good. In the evening there was a bit of a gathering on the green but that then changed to Nick Staines hoose. This was great fun and there was much crazy style enjoyment which included Stewart finding he had bigger boobs that Fiona. He then began to taunt her about this. I spent most of the night wandering round talking to people aboot stuff thats private!

Saturday: This was quite a good day. I met up with some old comrades of mine. Matt and Ian. Some of you may remember these guys
Image Hosted by
Here they are.

During the day we essentially walked around the place and caught up with old times. We also went in the Science museum which seems to be under some refurbishment. We then went to lunch at Pizza Hut. After that we pretty much went home although we did assist Ian in finding an Easter Egg in Bromley.

Easter Sunday: This was quite a Crazy day. I got all my Easter goodies which consisted of 4 Easter Eggs from well wishers. I then went to my Uncle and Aunts house for Easter Lunch. This consisted of Roast Lamb among other things and was delicious. The only problem was today I had 3 Beers and about 5 glasses of Wine but then again I was only just keeping up with the adults. It made my brother a bit of an odd one out as he doesnt drink (yet).

Easter Monday: I returned from the Rhelm of my Uncle and Aunts house to do bugger all at home. I really didnt do anything of major interest.

Tuesday: We went to see Konstantine today which struck me as being overly complicated rather dull and way below the potential it could've hit. But I enjoyed it with Nachos so all wasn't too bad although the Nacho cheese was worse than usual!

Wednesday: Another famed trip to London took place today. As per usual I met Dan and Chard at West Wickham station ready for the off. There was only a few of us on this particular trip 5 in total for various reasons.

Image Hosted by
Dan Enjoyed a quick smoke on the train in spite of our complaints

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Well I can't say I didn't warn Dan

Image Hosted by
We saw Matt Cook on the way there

We eventually arrived at the Charing X and there I enjoyed a Tuna Sub to quash my Hunger from having no breakfast. After this we walked up towards the Mall

Image Hosted by
I then noticed this weird Procession no doubt put on by the followers of Otis!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Teh Palace there

We then spent some time making a short film in Green Park which should be circulating soon called the "blogging rap" which just about shows without a shadow of a doubt how sad we can be sometimes. But in all honesty YOU CAN SHOVE YOUR OPINION UP YOUR ARSE!!!

After this we went to Pret for some refreshment

Image Hosted by
Jon found this all rather confusing although im not sure what "this" is

Afterwards we travelled on the tube a bit before deciding to get Lunch

Image Hosted by
Ah the tube. Such a convienient way to travel

Image Hosted by
Dave read the paper

Image Hosted by
The indescribable look of 'Chard

Image Hosted by
Jon at this couldnt hide his exitement

Image Hosted by
'Chard decided to hair tease Jon by getting his hairbrush out

Image Hosted by
The train then stopped and I noticed this convienient signpost for the unlikly event that someone should get lost down there or something?

After a while we decided to have lunch at Waterloo and tried in vain to find a KFC. We ended up in a Burger King where there were no seats so unfortunatly we had to stand and eat on this strange table. I wasn't happy about this! Afterwards though we headed off to the London Eye.

Image Hosted by
Its a grand Structure but I noticed it has a sort of Snout so may be a memorial to OTIS!!!! Jon tried in vain to find the lair of the Autons like he saw on Dr Who last week.

Image Hosted by
Houses of Parliament there

We managed to get on the Eye relativly quickly and boarded it only to find the view was quite poor as it was misty.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

After leaving the Eye we headed up the southbank a bit to a big arcade near Westminster Bridge.

Image Hosted by
We had a fourman race on this

Image Hosted by
It was a gripping race but I was the Victor! Twice!

Image Hosted by
Dan then took on this bull and got a horn in a bad place!

Image Hosted by
But Luckly Dave took out the Bull

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Jon and 'Chard Had a bit of shoot out too

Afterwards we headed to Covent Garden

Image Hosted by
I saw this on the tube and it raised a bit of an eyebrow

Image Hosted by
Jon was delighted to see there was a carosel there.

After wandering around for a bit we decided to head back to Charing Cross

Image Hosted by
Here I saw this and whilst I took this some Tramp came up and stared at Jon before buggering off. How odd

We split up after this and went home.

Image Hosted by
But I saw this on the train which caused some more amusement

Later on though there was the PARTAY at Chris' house
It was quite good. One thing really annoyed me and that was the Presence of James Wilson. For those of you who don't know him he's an arrogant twat who goes to my school and no one particually likes. Plus I could swear he was taunting my Drinkage!!! One of my pet hates! Apart from that things went a little awry at times for various reasons but nothing major was broken luckily.

Thursday: This was a pretty good day in the end I sat around aimlessly for a while at the beginning of the day. I then decieded to go to my Aunts house in Kingston with my Dad. There I had a very obscenly unhealthy sandwich. Then I sat down and watched Roots. They have the complete box set there!
After this great relaxation there I went to the Cartoon to see Chris play. I was amused to find that he had dyed his hair red. The gig was good till Chris finished as the rest was rubbishy heavy metal stuff with shouting instead of real words. After this Me Chris and Nick Staines shared a Pizza Garlic Bread Wedges and A Pepsi in the middle of West Croydon, one of the stranger things I've done to date.

Friday: Today I went up London again! This time it was in aid of Emily's (Robs Girlfriends) Birthday.

Image Hosted by
I met with Chris at West Wickham station firstly and then missed the train Jon was on so He waited for us at Eden Park

When we arrived at Charing Cross we heard that Rob had been deleyed by about an hour so we decided to have a bite to eat. Firstly though Chris played a small prank on Rob in light of April Fools.
For food we ended up at Bagel Factory and took our delicious hot Bagels to Trafalger Square to enjoy it

Image Hosted by
Chris with his there.

They were all pretty good but then....

Image Hosted by
We saw some Ducks in the Fountain

Image Hosted by
Jon was please to see the small aquatic birds as you can probably gather

We then went to Victoria to meet the others.

Here we saw this weird Exibit where people throw balls at this bloke in some kind of super suit
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Ah blissful cheeses!

We were then jumped by Matt and Tom who had come from Bromley and then met with Nick Staines and his chum Pete before Rob Emily Malory Donna Claire Manda and some other bloke whos name I never got. We exchanged hello's and all that malarkey and made for the first stop

Image Hosted by
Rob was joyed to see that we passed through Mornington Cresent

When We got to Camden we walked through all the crappy places to what turned out to be quite picturesque

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Its quite nice but as Chris observed rather peeved that there were no Swans to be seen.

After this we walked around the Markets a bit. Here I brought another Jet Lighter and other people brought other random stuff.

On the way back we stopped to obseve some Bloke blowing big bubbles.

Image Hosted by
Then Chris borrowed some buskers guitar for a short open air performance of the Chronicals of Humpty Dumpty

We then hopped on a tube to Covent Garden for some shopping.
On the way though Me Jon Chris Matt and Tom got off at Leicester Square whilst others opted to take the tube all the way. Inspite of the fact I got us a wee bit lost and we seemed to take ages we just beat the others to covent garden. We then had a Pizza Hut Buffet lunch before purusing the shops of Covent Garden. Unfotunatly the Girls went into many Pink shops which I found mind numbing

Image Hosted by
Then they tried to mummify Chris

Image Hosted by
A bit of a groupie shot there

Afterwards we headed to a park for PDQ but things got a tad complicated. Me and Jon accidently got off at Green Park. Rob and the Girls and Tom got off at Hyde Park and Matt and Chris went on a merry trip to Cockfosters! Me and Jon eventually met up with Rob and the others but we gave up on Matt and Chris and played PDQ for a bit.

Image Hosted by
Another group pic minus Matt and Chris

After this we went back to Victoria to see Rob and the Girls off. Tom then buggered off to god knows where. Me and Nick waited for Chris and Matt to return from the fabled land. When they arrived they announced they had seen neither Cocks or Fosters. We picked up a few free pens from these people handing them out too. They lit up! :)

I then went back to Nicks hoose with Chris where we watched Black Books and had a laugh and a talk. I was annoyed to find my new ID to get drink was not needed at Tesco Express. It was all good.

Saturday: Back to Lothargy. I just sat around mainly and did a bit of Homework. It was good to have a break after a very long week.

Still though hopefully next week will be just as good.

Peace Out Playas!