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A Hoho Holidays Trip to London

Yes indeed, as promised there was a happy happy joy joy trip to London. As per usual it started at West Wickham at around 9.30. There I met with Stewart Dan Rob And special Guest Rob's Girlfriend Emily. At first there was a bit of confusion about what train to get as there had been a lot of delays and cancellations (hah and they say trains are getting better still it is Christmas).
On the train once we passed Clock House we found Steve and Dave had missed the train for some reason or another. Still though there was time for tomfoolery (or Davefoolery as the case may be)

DJ Stew breaks down some fresh beats INNIT CHAVSTERS!!!!!!!!!

More insanity on the trains. It was a new one today which was nice.

Anyway we soon got to Charing X and met with Lewis, We snuck up on him and gave him a shock. We then waited for a bit and soon Sarah (Stewarts Girlfriend for anyone who doesn't know (Interesting fact I cannot be bothered to hyperlink her name USE THE NAVI BAR YOU LAZYY TWATSS ITS UND…

An aMUSEing night (and other short stories)

For those of you who don't understand what my title is on about i shall explain. I went to see MUSE the other night, having waited for a few months to see it.
Our story begins on sunday night at Bromley south station. We (Me Matt Tom Rob Outram Rob Guest Nick and Chris Champion) all met up ready for some heavy Rockin'

As you can see, we were all quite exited to say the least.

We then got a Train to Victoria and got the tube to Earls Court. This was absolutly jam packed, then again this was the first concert I'd ever been to so it was bound to seem weird. We were sorted through the crowds by the crowd control and made our way up to our seats.

Here is the view from where I was sitting (you could see MUSE quite easily plus there were screens to get a better view of the action.)

Heres the whole crazy crew from their seats.

Soon enough the first support band was up. They were a small band called Soulwax. They wern't very impressive in my opinion. Then came the Zutons who we…

Free at last after a completly wasted day

Well thats right I'm now hacked free from the shackles of school now if only I could hack the chains of work off. Today was a complete waste of my time. I knew that I had only one lesson today which was actually quite important but having braved the rain on the way to school it was all in vain as I found the lesson had been cancelled. I then proceeded to just hang around the place randomly hanging with whoever passed (Arn't I sad and clingy). I then made a quick trip to Eden park to buy some nibbles for this form party thing we were gonna have. On my travels I came across

ROSTI!!!! Sadly I didnt stay to chat with him as it was pissing down and I had a mission to accomplish

Next on the fun roster of fun came the Assembly. I was expecting about half an hour of arse kissing the rugby and hockey team from the headmaster but thankfully that was all done in about 15 minutes. Then we were treated to some entertainment. First up was that Becky whatsherface from my psychology class who…

To London to see light shined on a big wall

Well that's right kiddies I had another joyous trip to the cinema to see a film. I do so enjoy film studies and I'm going to New York thanks to that.
Anyways on to a long and over detailed description of the day. I had me first few lessons and they kind sucked history actually required work and in Psychology I discovered I'm dangerously stressed and I had a free period first thing that was just dull. Not only that I was forced to listen to the drama group acting out kind of Christmas plays nearby on the otherside of the hall which included one girl (who's called sydney I think) WHO COULD NOT STOP SCREAMING ARRGH IT WAS SO ANNOYING, especially as I was trying to write an essay still though that's boring so I'll stop right there.
Here seems like a decent point to splice in some random pics from this week to save my audience falling asleep:

John and Dave pose for looks of sceptism and shock at school

Talk of swans proved too much for Matt so much so even Chris had…