in deference to dickybods thing aboot roodbois (yep im having ago at them again, why BECAUSE I FUCKING HATE THEM. THEY ARE BASTARDS WHO RUIN EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE, IF I WAS ALLOWED TO THEN I WOULD KILL THEM ALL IN A BRUTALIC FASION) but anyway i wish to direct my perpetual annoyance at people im forced to put up with on my travels.
1. Jacob Lifely: a one eyebrowed neandethal who is quite strong and therefore believes he is powerful person in school. he also beat up one of my friends once for a trifel matter and if ever do in my lifetime achive a level of strength beyond any comprehension (who knows it could happen) i will pay him a small visit
2. Dan Fox: a lankey hockey player (we're building up a good idea of his personality already arn't we) who is completely abonoxious and is a fool!. He lives with the delusion that because im a quiet chap that i will not rerespond to his painful stupidity. thats what he thought. I got my own back later, when in germany he nicked my gba for a laugh and i lost it and hit him. it was a satisfying moment and he was rather dumbstruck by the matter. few words have been exchanged by us ever since
3. David Vance: he is also a hockey player but he is also a tennis player. He is also an obnoxious fool. naturally him and dan fox get on like a house on fire. he thought it was funny last year when he sat behind me in english to hit my back with a bendy ruler. what i would do to him if i got him alone with a bendy ruler is best not mentioned. overall i really want to kill or maim him
4.Paul leonnard: he is a small dog faced person who for some reason hangs around with the duds and me. we all treat him abrasivly, even jon the nicest person in the world cannot stand his presence and has verbally told him this to his face to go away. the only thing this individual is good for is for punching.
5.Matthew cook: he keeps talking at me even though i make out i dont want to listen to his drivel. and when i get frustrated he gets up on his haunches. (even my form tutor agrees with this.) whats worse is i sit next to him in maths
well thats all for now folks
wasnt that refreshing


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