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After a lengthy hiatus I've come back to blogging and have decided to make a few changes.

First of all I feel a new title was due as the blog has always been an outlet for my own frustrations in day-to-day life, so I thought the name "Is the world Crazy or am I?" encapsulated that well. It also makes it a little less personal in some ways, after all does anyone care what Dave thinks? The answer to that is probably no, followed by the obvious questions: Who is Dave and why should I care? Also I reckon this name makes the blog feel a little more "bloggy" too.

I've also decided to play around a bit with the design (not least because my day-to-day job seems to have me fiddling with HTML and I fancied a bit of a challenge). It's far from complete but it does look an awful lot better than the tired design of old.

Is the content of the blog going to change? Well... probably not. I remain as unfocused and confused with my life as ever so I don't see why a n…