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Gather round all followers (thats right all 6 of you) of my scriptures (the daily rantings that is) And I shall tell ye a tale.
I am going to actually talk about my disgust at the cartoons that nonnesuch talked of on his blog recently.
I happen to despise extremists of all religions. I have been called arrogant for believing that, "humans dont always need to look to a higher power for direction" but the stuff on that web site you can see here:, is nothing more but arrogance. It has the nerve to make the claim that anyone who doesnt believe in Jesus is doomed to an existance in hell for all eternity. Now this again may be arrogant, but that doesnt seem fair at all, now lets face it life is not picnic, and some people struggle hard to do good, and be nice throughout there lives whether it be sooner or later. not an easy task, but then at the end of that, as is demonstrated in one cartoon, that you'll still suffer eternal damnatio…
Well as much as I have moaned about big brother being a lowlifes program's in the past. I have enjoyed the daily happenings within the BB house this year. For instance (with some controversy I might add) there was a rather unpleasant conflict of egos (by which I mean all the housemates got drunk started to smash thing and the night ended with a all out brawl and security guards were sent in.)
I feel that no matter what peoples views are about, if the series is now going too far, and, if we should have such "filth" on our TV's. The producers (using these shock awe tactics) have managed to get TV radio and the internet buzzing about the fight.
This just makes me also think that alcohol is one of the biggest dangers to society out there and is one of the reasons that our land is going down too. Then again I have never been drunk before so watch this space.
Well I took a villain test and this was the result

What Type of Villain are You?

Its true in the sense that I wish I had explosive powers and super strength and that. My god would it be fun.
Now look at the pictures and just think how cool that would be:

Destroying the world infrastructure with powers like that and setting up a perfect collectivised regime with no stupid terrorists, Ignorant capitalists or ideological Marxist is one of my immature ideas, wouldn't be all difficult I suppose when no one cares about voting anyway, plus I could wipe out a few people I don't like or feel are owed a taste of my wrath(MC FLY ARE FIRST ON THE TARGET LIST! SO WATCH YOUR BACKS OR FRONTS AS THE CASE MAY BE YOU WANKERS MUAHAHAHAHAAH! SEE IF THE GIRLS WILL FANCY YOU WHEN I'M DONE WITH YOU).
One person I would like to destroy now is the person who writes the business studies exams, I incidently sat this exam this morning although it was not difficult unless you ignore t…

Random indeed yes, as not much has been going on with me. On a normal free day when there are no exams I get up at aboot 07:00 or later and then revise for about 3-4 hours throughout the day with about 12 study sessions of aboot 20 minutes. Not bad you may think but the problem for me is that I get sick of revising. Its not fun however you try to organize it and to make things worse for myself I get paranoid when I'm not revising!!!!! Its an irritating cycle of not knowing what I want to be doing whether it be simply enjoying life in my own way or revising for these "crucial" exams.
Apart from that this week not much has happened to me or anyone I know, not that I would know anyway as I haven't really got the chance to talk to anyone about anything except these BLOODY EXAMS! As if that wasn't bad enough on Monday I've got chemistry which is rather a more tiresome…
Here's a rather late response but oh well
For the past 3 or 4 years I have passed up on the idea of watching big brother dismissing it as puerile trash, but since watching the opening show of the new series out this year I cant get enough of it, this year is particularly funny as the house this year is chocked full of oddballs as you can see in Nonnesuch's blog. It has been made all the more funny at this current moment what with The feminist Lesbian house-mate (who goes by the name of Kitten! I mean what a silly name) stirring up trouble and generally getting on the other housemates backs, ohohoho hilarity is sure to follow now, I will not go on about it much.
But all this has basically taught me not to turn up my nose so often.
that was all a bit level headed wasn't it.
Well here's a short rant:
what the hells up with Gwinth Paltro and Chris Martin (the lead singer of Coldplay) calling their newborn baby Apple! As much as they might be wrapped up in giving their dau…