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Here come 'the weddings'

Saturday marked a new milestone in my young life as I attended the first of ‘the weddings’. By this I mean I went to my first wedding for someone who is the same age as me. Being 21, I guess this was kind of inevitable (as unlike when you become 18, and you still are sort of an adult; you don’t really know what to do with the power) as now you really do enter the domain of adulthood in a meaningful way.

After all, they say that you go through stages of events on the way through adulthood. Basically, it starts with people turning 18, then there’s the 21sts, then weddings, then christenings (although I know this can work the other way round as I have seen someone do recently) and then last, but in no way least, comes the funerals.

This is not the first I have heard of ‘the weddings’ of people my age, as I know one or two people who have been to the weddings of people I went to school with. However, this was my first personal foray. I suppose it was made all the stranger as it was for a fa…

God? Is that you insulting my cookery, or am I just hearing voices again?

Peppermint Puke

Today I'm going to introduce a new occasional theme in this blog, which is Rubbish Kids TV! For the first installment in this new chapter, I'm going to look at Peppermint Park, a VERY cheap public access show from the good old USA. I have never heard or seen this show before so I review this as an objective first time viewer.

Now in all my years I have seen some dire children’s television shows. As anyone who has seen the footage of the Junior Christian Bible Science Lesson will attest, poorly made shows present a frightening and quite frankly weird thing to sit your kids down to.

Peppermint Park is by no means the worst show I have ever seen, but it still has all the hallmarks of something which is more frightening than charming. To begin at the beginning, we have the opening sequence which looks like a spying paedophile’s home movies, having fallen into the hands of the TV station, and hurriedly having some jaunty music played over the top. I mean this guy wasn’t even very goo…