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Today my rant is at the Quintessential Evil corporation, Mc Donalds!

Mc Donalds as we all know is a massive particularly eevil American fast food chain selling fatty undercooked overpriced burgers to the customers, (they claim that 100% beef goes into each and every burger although I highly dispute that claim).
Mc Donalds has taken my disgust a step further lately by their new "hip, cool" style advertising campaign aimed at the most vunerable group of people, Children. They have changed their slogan as many will have noticed to "I'm Lovin' It" which on its own is appalling as there is no such term in the English language but no, They go a step further and have made their new happy meal adverts to comply with this new hip, young, cool image, the Advert begins with a group of about 5-6 kids asking "what's in the boxes that always rocks?" (In my opinion it should be "what's in the box which always flops?" but that's just me) and…
The subject of today's rant is about a certain animal like acquaintance I am forced to be in contact on a daily basis I have named him in my list of people I hate that's right folks its that dog you love to hate, Paul Leonard.
Me and him were having one of our daily discussions which go along the lines of:
ME: Paul you wanker, piss off
Paul: (in a harsh and threatening untertone) err no Dave you fat piece of shit
now let me explain to you the facts Paul is a scrawny some what weak person. Some may say, "wait he might really be strong for all you know" well your wrong as in the past he has been beaten up by a year nine much smaller than himself and was tripped up once in football and broke his leg. Not only that he has punched me before and I would say that it was nothing to go crying about.
Now this all brings me to today's escapade
Me: (holding a water bottle chuckling menacingly, pretending to tip it in to his bag which to add insult to injury had infect happe…