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School randomness

Owing to the lack of blogging from myself in recent times I feel I need to do so more often. So thats what the product shall be tonight. I took some piccys at school today and there was many hoorays and hoorahs etc etc. But I have made use of them in this rather random one off blog about school.

Well the day started off ok with History!!! Previously my favourite lesson which has rather fallen from grace in my opinion. Its just dull now.

Next came English Language which was ok. We got into groups to discuss text messages. Which consisted of me Lewis and Laurie the bloke who sits behind us on his own for some reason. The lesson was as normal. Miss did her usual ditzi yet professional at the same time thing and Jennifer Parrot tried to start a long chatty conversation and as usual failed.

Then came break.And also the start of teh pictors

Terrorist broke in to the hall (year 11s) and held up Dave straight away for some reason shouting "Do you kno hu I am blad!!!"

Meanwhile Dan a…

Right! On with the show!

Well I managed to work my magic and fix my dodgy dongle (ooer) So its time I summerised the last few weeks or so. Not only that I wish not to follow suit of some of my other blog chums and post gloomy depressive rubbish! This blog will more often than not be a haven for fun and laughter. Well most of the time I hope. Ooooh where to start.

Ah yes John started his own detective agency. Here he is in his usual thoughtful prowess working out who stole Mrs Jessop's Cat and Why. No leads yet.

Rob discovered a Hatred of Starbucks.

I founded a new Olympic sport. For some reason its the worlds fastest growing sport.

Here the gang watches carefully as Matt plays Fishy on his phone.

Here we see Dan Challenge Dave's crown.

Lewis too had a try.

Sadly for them Dave was able to retain his crown (for now).

A few high balls there.

Ah yes this is Plan X Plan Y, Z and so on are soon to come I think.

Ah yes Tom brought in his pornographic cards and there was much debate and discussion about that.…

Technology confounds me again

Well you may have been surprised enough to see a lack of pictures in my last two posts. Well this is down to the fact the dongle programme on me bluetooth had buggered up due to my Dads interferance and now I can't transfer any data from me phone because windows has to mess with the programme due to the plug and play thing that pops up as i try to reinstall the programme and ruins everything so it doesnt work properly. I can't for the life of me remember how I got it working before and that was enough of a struggle. Not only that but my keyboard has gone to the dogs with the space bar not working properly and makingitsowhenItypetherearenospaceseventhoughIpressthebuttonwithsomeforceand......... there its come unstuck again For now.....
John if you have a Sitecom CN500 bluetooth dongle from Maplins can you please help!

Worst Weekend ever!!!!

Well where to start with this moan. Ah yes of course Friday.

Friday: The night of Drink gone awry.
Well this promised a lot and delivered a blow or two to friends of mine which was felt by me. The evening started as fun as ever what with WORK!!!!!!! I do hate my job though it went quicker than usual. Then on to this party. The writing was on the wall when I got there and Nicks friend guy was already out of it. As the night went on some bad things happened to my chums (I will be inspecific as if I explain these happenings it might cause upset and annoyance at my person plus its unfair if i do most of you went anyways but still. Not only that I feel Nick had a bad deal as he was really paranoid and apparently one of his dads shoes went missing which is totally out of order. Not only that but some people made their way into his parents bedroom which I feel is out of order also. I left the party early with Rob and Stewie and headed for home disappointed the night had been a bit sucky for…

They own Iraq now?!

Just a short sharp (short because I'm soon to be deposed from the computater but thats another story) political Rant today as I haven't posted for a week or two. This Particular little moan has been inspired by a programme I've been watching called "What would Jesus Drive" The programme focuses on America's love of cars, Especially huge Fuel guzzling cars like the "Hummer". There were a number of things said in this Programme that caused Irritation.
"The Hummer is huge its warm its comfy its everything a woman could want" Do I sense a little bit of a sexual connotation to that quote. For heavens sake that is a poor reason to buy a car that is quite frankly a fat american in car form as its huge and it consumes like hell and squashes all before it. Get a life lady!

"For gods sake Bush we own Iraq now why not make petrol 10 cents a gallon" Now hang on here. This is sickening for 2 reasons. 1 why the hell do we want to encourage mor…

Christmas, New Years and the rest in a very large nutshell

Well its been a very long and lathargic week or too since I blogged. Much has gone on since I last let you good people have a window into the life of Dave.

Before I begin this 4 part Drama here is a picture of Robert Guest eating a big sandwich

Part One: Christmas Time!!!!!
"It's the most wonderful time of the Yeeeeeaaaaar" said some guy once, well it is a nice time but sadly the warm cosy feeling I used to experience has long faded and now I fear Christmas will turn into a nightmarishly stressful drain on my monies. Still though if I randomise a bit it can stay special. Anyways Christmas Eve was tarnished by the fact that I had to work but it was made up for by the fact I had a few small drinks at Matts house. There I learned a valuble lesson. Flu beer and pepsi do not make for a good nights rest on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning was less exiting than usual for various reasons but I did Enjoy getting my presents.

And here they are
I got GTA: San Andreas, Some Michael …