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Driving ambition

Hey I'm Back

Well school is well and truly underway at the moment and I've found I've actually had to do WORK AT HOME!
What a disasterous thought! quite a lot too what with annoying coursework and that.

That aside other things have been going on too.
Last week I went to teh Steve Fishers house for some drinks. That was quite fun. For a while we played Texas hold-em WITH ARMY MEN!! (currency that is) I started out with a small but effective force but through some luck and skill I had an army which would have put the chinese to shame. The proudest part was when I won Matts beloved Minesweeper dude.
After that I saved the day when we made a much needed trip to the offlicence and I produced my fake ID .
The day after that I with Chris and Nick met up with the random girls that Chris had left his number with. This required a long and slow journey to Lewisham. The whole thing can be summed up in one word as awkward. Not much was said between both parties so we decieded that this wasnt…

Summer Summary

Wow I forgot about this.

Never Mind I shall make amends as best as I can with the use of my memory. A lot has taken place since I last posted.

The first Real event of the summer Was france of course, as Has been well documented by others. I shall sum up in a few random words.
Croque Monsuire
Chris in a chefs hat
French People!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

It was good fun all in all.

The next major event was that I bought a bass guitar. Practice with that continued over the summer. I can play a few things now though not spectacualy

My dad went to have an operation on his nose which saw him out the way for a few days which was fun.

I chilled at some friends houses during this kinda interim period, went to a few parties.

Then Came results day which was quite a nervous time but it was all good
I got A's in English Language and Film
And C's in Psychology and History (which I was giving up anyways)
Then came the event summer had been building up for READING!

This was f…