Its time for another Dave Rant.
The subject of today's rant is how we lose our civil rights because of fear of a terrorist attack.
David Blunkett the home secretary today outlined an inicitve to secure Britain from terrorism. These plans suggested tapping phones to use as evidence to bring convicted terrorists to justice. I'm all for stopping THOSE BASTARD TERRORIST WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE COMMANDED BY GOD TO KILL. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BUT RELIGION IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO KILL PEOPLE GET IT! THANKS TO THEM EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY AMERICA, IS PARANOID ARRRRRGGGH! But anyway I don't think we should have our private lives infiltrated by a constantly causious government even in a case such as this. The problem is this kind of thing makes us more and more like our paranoid American (twice removed, and twice disowned) cousins. Why do we as a nation aspire to be like the Americans and try to use systems like their which are known to be poor. That's the world we live in.
P.S if this rant is being tapped I am not a terrorist but I am just a adolescent who doesn't like being observed by the (American style aspiring) government.


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