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Otis the ever growing menace

This for those who doubt the evil of Otis, this is a small image of how evil that damned aardvark can really be.
It also marks the first entry for a competition to see who can make Otis appear more menacing.

Ha stick that in your Pipe and smoke it Jon! I will be t3h Victor!

Peace Out Playas!

The end of an era

Wellity wellity me blog fans it seems that half term is over before it even began, well the fact is its done with.
The reason my title seems quite final is because I'm finally free from working. Some may call me stupid as I've said goodbye to making over £200 per month but I say Pah! The work was unessarily unpleasant and the hours lame. Its not worth doing in a nutshell.
Anyway I might as well now take the time to explain how the remainder of half term went.

Thursday: Worked on the Dave Cut of the Juggle Rap.

Friday: Went to work which wasn't too bad as I knew the end was near. Not only the cool manager was in (he's called Jon which seems to me to ooze coolness from all the Jons I know). It was not so bad in all. I will certainly miss the folks I worked with. Excluding Laura Messenger but I've already explained my hatred there (maybe I should let go of the hate...nah).

Meet for the first and last time Deli Dave (a bit like burger Barry but with less job experience and …


Wow a lot has happened since I last bloggerised. One of the most crucial factors being that I got a new "unbuggered" keyboard which is very nice and erganomic and that :)
Well anyway for this midweek Blog I'm going to describe the many happenings of my Half Term thus far.

Friday: Twas own clothes day which made a nice change although its more fun when I have a film trip as then I'm the only one with non uniform, Well apart from Stewie. The day went well enough. Of course I had to work in the evening which was a bugger as always but it was the precursor to my end game on Friday when I walk out for good. After work I went to Pickhurst Green where I met with Matt, Tom, Fiona, Nick Staines, Becca (or "It" as I call her), Chris Champ and Nick's rather tall friend Rob. All in all the night was a bit rubbish as there wasn't much drink to be had, some chavs egged Chris and Matt which was very annoying! and Tom got pissed off for some reason so I was kind of s…

A Transitional Time

Hello to thee who readeth this blog.

You may have noticed its been a while since I blogged. This is actually owing to the fact its extemely difficult to get on the PC these days in me homested as my Dad has been using it non-stop to work on. So busy has he been that it's even been quite difficult to get on this contraption to do homework which has been unnaturally flying at me left right and centre.

In other news I handed in my notice to work last week which they took with some surprise owing to the fact that I've only been with them for 4 months. true this doesnt look great on a CV but I really dont want to continue. Stacking shelves is not worth it! Not only that but a number of my collegues have been sympathetic to this idea and personally I believe that soon my section at work may have somewhat of a labour crisis. I know at least two other people who are going to leave quite soon. Oh well I have my last Sunday this weekend, so yippie no more waking up a 8 O clock in the morn…