Ah its a new day, but i face the horrifying prospect of going back to school from half term tommorow (NEH!)

but as i said before its a new day so its time i started to moan. American influences are killing off our countries charecteristics and i by no means mean to racist but, a lot of it is through black culture in america where our terrible american influences come from.
As i grow older (at an alarming pace i might add) i notice the problems in young children today (I know i sound like a pensioner but this is the fact of the matter) one thing the habit of kids now knowing all their rights (or rites as they may write in school ARRRRGH THE PAIN!) is dangerous as they think that they can push the police aroud, which takes the piss in my opinion of the idea of a society.
What is just as worring is that the inlueces of our american chums (did i say chums i meant oppressers) is causing our youth to speak act and write like americans (who calls trousers pants i ask you). sadly i believe that soon we will be reffering to petrol as "gas" and calling chips "fries" and even worse than that we may end up pronouncing aluminium like them (at that point i will go mad and start a killing spree maybe).
I know how easily influenced children are from the american shite on tv. I myself remember copying how an american pronounced water for a short time until corrected by my mum. it has made me forever angry that the americans brainwashed me. damn it!


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