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5 Footballers Who Tried Singing And Failed

World Cup 2018 has officially kicked off. This of course means that many other news and events take a temporary back seat to the festivities of people waving England fans, shouting "Come on England!" in increasingly desperate tones and deluding themselves into thinking that England will win the World Cup if they move past the group stages. Part of the experience of the tournament is also the music.

Most of the time when novelty world cup songs or football songs in general are made, they are made by professional musicians and performed by well-known singers or celebrities. However, on occasions footballers have tried their hand at crooning too. Often with quite poor results. Today we're going to have a look at some of the more bizarre and terrible examples of this.

In no particular order we have:
Sergio Ramos (2016)
There's very little argument about Sergio Ramos' prowess on the pitch, however when it comes to singing there's no amount of pitch tuning possibl…