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End of Exams

Yes thats right kids my exams are finally over although this years lot was nothing like last years with other annoying subjects like Maths and German.

Of course no exams means no more revising which leaves me with quite little to do whilst other people continue with their exams so will be reluctant to do stuff.
So I'll play the part of social sheep again and do this

01. Reply with your name and I will write a short phrase describing you.
02. I will then tell you what I admire about you.
03. I will make up a short drabble with the both of us in it.
04. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
05. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
06. Put this in your journal.

Look forward to hearing from you

Peace Out Playas!

Rockage of the highest magnitude

Hey hey Playas!

Its been one of those kinda up and down weeks, you know the ones where you shift between doing nothing one day and doing everything on another.

Tuesday: Nought!

Wenesday: Went Bowling with Chris Matt Tom and Nick (Snipp).
It started off insane as we bought some snacks which Chris insisted on offering to the passers by. The bus journey was even more random as Nick phoned the bus complaints line where he put the complaints person on hold and asked to order a bus. He actually got a number for that too.
This was good because as per usual Chris was attempting to dent the lane by hurling the ball at the ground rather than at the pins. This resulted in two of the balls being caught between the barrier and the gutter. After this we moved on to Pizza Hut which was near by.
I'd say we successfully freaked out the waiters by acting insane. Then again we broke a glass in the process but luckily managed to hide it under the table to avoid paying more for the breakage. I think our inn…