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Times high on the Bah-O-meter

Hello Readers

Once again I return to that, that is the blogosphere. I've been gone for some time, but hey I've been busy with
Psychology Coursework ( I GOT A FECKING E FOR THE DRAFT!!!! I have since improved it though)English CourseworkRevision for all my subjects plus one retake in PsychologySome work on the film courseworkDriving and that stuffUni applicationsI have actually now applied to Uni to do Journalism. I have applied to
CardiffStaffordshireSheffieldKingstonLincolnWinchesterI hope to get into Cardiff as it has the best reputation for the course I want. Things seem to be in my favour as they require ABB and I'm predicted AAB on my Application, so im moderately confident.
I have though recieved word from Staffordshire and Lincoln. Lincoln want 260 points which I think equates to quite a lowly amount in grades of about a C. Then again if I go there I get a placement at "Go Girl" magazine.
Tommorow though I have an interview with Staffordshire which means going …