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Fast Times at LPBS

Its been HECTIC lately what with exams and other things going on.

This will be a proper post with pictures and what not so rest assured it will contain the usual amount of sarcasm bitter cynacism and stuff. Just a short point to any twats who insult blogging. OUR NUMBERS INCREASE DAILY THANKS TO THE HELP OF MSN BLOG ACCOUNTS! Anyways whats so bad about doing this once in a while its not like I do it everyday! Anyways people are often stupid so fuck those who mock to hell.

Anyway to set the ball rolling here are a few random piccatures:

I found this random scarepixie at youthclub. Why it has a beak I don't know

Chapman Scared Matt onto the roof one day with his eeevily squeaky voice he can do.

Nicks love of sausages became more apparant

Someone left a SNES lying around after fly tipping a load of stuff outside the girls school

Anyways to begin the fun this story begins with the GENERAL STUDIES exams two weeks ago. Oh what a fun beginning to a fun week. The exam was 2 and half hours of poi…

Conformity strikes again

I haven't posted anything new for a while and probably wont until next week proper but just to keep you craaazy cats going heres something not completely different.

<*******SIMPLE QUESTIONS*******>>
1. NAME: Dave.
2. NICKNAMES: Deutsches, Mustafa, Dave, David, Big D, Muhammed Achfeizel (well thats a plagerisation of one of Chris's crazy inventions
3. EYES: Brown.
4. HEIGHT: 5 foot 10.
5. HAIR: Brown.spikeyish
6. SIBLINGS: Brother.
8. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD VOICE? Well I like it plus I can do this great Evil laugh
9. BIRTHDATE: Oct 10., 1987
10. SIGN: Libra
14. WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP?: Someone I can love and who loves me back, plus obviously someone who fancies me and someone I fancy (haven't met her as far as I know)

<< *******FAVORITE QUESTIONS******* >>
19. MOVIE: The Usual Suspects
20. SONG: Hysteria by Muse
22. TV SHOW: South Park, The Simpsons Dragonball Z

I am still alive

Believe it or not I am still here no matter what any chavs say (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
Its been quite busy lately what with it being the run up to the AS exams. Still though I'm gonna post to get a few thoughts and some vague pictures as you might expect.

I found this odd shaped carrot which seems to resemble a human face.

I looked upon my enemies with cold contempt.

I went to see Doug's Nick's Chard's and Danielle's AS play which was pretty good although it featured Nick in drag. Hmmm

Politics and Beer don't mix!

For some reason this morning there were Muffins and Orange Juice on the teachers desk. Why? Was this some kind of new take on giving the teacher an apple? Is our form tutor taunting those who missed breakfast? Who knows?

Anyways thats the random pictures section done with now on to some moaning.
I was watching newsround today (thats right kids its the programme that gets across all the important stuff for 6-12 years olds) and they had a young girl interviewi…