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Just a short rant today for I'm going oot.
Dick and Dom in "da" bungalow is the most pathetic idea to appeal to children
what is it?
It is 2 20 year olds acting like fools for 3 hours that seems like an eternity. One of their favorite activities is to go into public places and say "bogey" at different levels of noise to see what the reaction is. What is entertaining about that?! Its all in all a poorly conceived idea which seems like it was made by the makers of the tweenies trying to appeal to older viewers. I best not get started on the tweenies because I could go on forever.
Still on the subject of Americans
Here is a list of annoying American phrases
1. We saved your ass in WW2
As an answer to that. America got its ass kicked by a Developing country with very little force and not a major world superpower with a massive army like us. Secondly America only helped us when it suited them and would have gladly let us perish so I don't see why we are so thankful to them for letting us suffer daily bombings from Germany. Thanks to world war 2 we lost our superpower status (France too) from having no money left from having to rebuild on top of paying for armed forces. Whereas Americans sat tight at home with no death or destruction raining down on them and watched their economy grow. We also never actually lost the war but had a small boost of US soldiers which didn't help much. We should thank the Russians for storming Berlin in 1945. They did more work than Americans.

2. You don't speak English at al…
Its time for another Dave Rant.
The subject of today's rant is how we lose our civil rights because of fear of a terrorist attack.
David Blunkett the home secretary today outlined an inicitve to secure Britain from terrorism. These plans suggested tapping phones to use as evidence to bring convicted terrorists to justice. I'm all for stopping THOSE BASTARD TERRORIST WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE COMMANDED BY GOD TO KILL. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BUT RELIGION IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO KILL PEOPLE GET IT! THANKS TO THEM EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY AMERICA, IS PARANOID ARRRRRGGGH! But anyway I don't think we should have our private lives infiltrated by a constantly causious government even in a case such as this. The problem is this kind of thing makes us more and more like our paranoid American (twice removed, and twice disowned) cousins. Why do we as a nation aspire to be like the Americans and try to use systems like their which are known to be poor. That's the world we live …
Hi everyone here is my only rant of today (I think)
As you may or may not know. Mr George W Bush, President of the USA (that's sure not what Arabs call it) has begun his campaign of re-election. He has promised to lower taxes and to make the world safer for Americans. What I want to know is how can that deluded moron expect to do this. As we have seen in his first term he has made the world twice as dangerous by invading Afghanistan (My Grandad was Afghan so this is somewhat of an insult to me and my family) and Iraq, these have caused the world to further destabilize. The world also cannot expect America to chip in to help the environment. Here we see America, the biggest polluter of the world backing out of an agreement to prevent global warming which has screwed up the weather already as you can tell. This was done to help the US economy grow. Well this is what pulling out of Kyoto has done for Bush, America has slid into recession and there is growing unemployment in the US to…
Well I'm still tired but before I sleep I will have one more quick rant
I've just been reading "stupid white men" so I'm charged up with rant power. Have you noticed how Americas paranoia is going to destroy the world. I'm afraid that's what things may come to. Only when America ceases to make more and more potentially dangerous defense networks and continue to stockpile weapons we cannot sleep easy. Iraq is no danger compared to America nor is terrorism. I assure you that the war on terrorism is not going to solve a thing and will in the long run make America more enemies abroad therefore meaning they build more weapons and I think we know how it will continue onwards forever.
That's all for today people
Well its a new day and IM tired from my first day back at school (neh!) so I wont be ranting as hard as usual but here's a go for today (may I just thank all my loyal fans for recognizing me)

For today's rant I make a slight merging of yesterdays rant and my rant about rood bois (due to calls from my fans)
Well I will begin by saying rude boys are scum of the world and are nothing no matter how "bling" or "bad" they think they are! They are all fools and more to the point they are bullies and cowards by using physical and psychological attacks against other people, what the hell is tough about trying to intimidate an old man or a pacifist teenager or adult. What is more to the point is how these Idiots think it is tough to do their dirty work using weapon, and this is the point where American gang culture is to blame. Thanks to this we see more shootings in the UK than ever. I finish with this final though and this is the part my fans will like the most. Y…
in deference to dickybods thing aboot roodbois (yep im having ago at them again, why BECAUSE I FUCKING HATE THEM. THEY ARE BASTARDS WHO RUIN EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE, IF I WAS ALLOWED TO THEN I WOULD KILL THEM ALL IN A BRUTALIC FASION) but anyway i wish to direct my perpetual annoyance at people im forced to put up with on my travels.
1. Jacob Lifely: a one eyebrowed neandethal who is quite strong and therefore believes he is powerful person in school. he also beat up one of my friends once for a trifel matter and if ever do in my lifetime achive a level of strength beyond any comprehension (who knows it could happen) i will pay him a small visit
2. Dan Fox: a lankey hockey player (we're building up a good idea of his personality already arn't we) who is completely abonoxious and is a fool!. He lives with the delusion that because im a quiet chap that i will not rerespond to his painful stupidity. thats what he thought. I got my own back later, when in germany he nicked my g…
I am still pissed off AAAAAAARRRGGGH. If someone ever pushed me boyond the point of self control i wonder what would become of the world. maybe i'd go super saiyen.....nope even im not deluded into believing that would happen, but anyway DAMN THE GOVERNMENT! im doing my GCSE's this year and my A levels next year but now the government is planning to make them different and easier. Why why are the exams getting slowly easier and WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS CHANGING. does that mean my 2 years of hard work will be all for nothing! It is a slippery slope like this that could see us having multiple choice tests for uni exams. why do we copy america when we know their system sucks
Ah its a new day, but i face the horrifying prospect of going back to school from half term tommorow (NEH!)

but as i said before its a new day so its time i started to moan. American influences are killing off our countries charecteristics and i by no means mean to racist but, a lot of it is through black culture in america where our terrible american influences come from.
As i grow older (at an alarming pace i might add) i notice the problems in young children today (I know i sound like a pensioner but this is the fact of the matter) one thing the habit of kids now knowing all their rights (or rites as they may write in school ARRRRGH THE PAIN!) is dangerous as they think that they can push the police aroud, which takes the piss in my opinion of the idea of a society.
What is just as worring is that the inlueces of our american chums (did i say chums i meant oppressers) is causing our youth to speak act and write like americans (who calls trousers pants i ask you). sadly i believe…
im Going through a troublesome point in my life. gone are the days when i can get away with anything. at this point im expected to be responsible for my actions. this isnt always a problem as new responsibility brings its perks. in this case some well needed respect from my elders. where the problem lies is that we are seen as adults by our adult peers. the problem is we are clearly not and we are still with held by the rules of childhood. why is it that we are expected to be like adults yet we are treated like children. life is strange
In response to john (a fellow blogger of mine) I wholeheartedly agree with his views on gang culture
where i think the problem lies in this case would be from the rolemodels
Footballers are an example of this. they are constantly in the public eye, and the way they behave on the pitch (not respecting the authority of the referee in this case) Is a major step in the wrong direction and gives football and our over passionate fans a bad name. Im not trying to stick up for football as i am not a fan of it. but a lot of the burden of this problem needs to fall there.
What is wrong with music?
Its far too capitalised thats what! gone are the days where bands wrote their own music and played their own instruments. what we live with in music now is pretty boys who can bearly sing (one need only look at Gareth Gates and the hordes of other young hopefuls littering our charts, to know what i'm talking about)
It is annoying! its capitalism gone mad. what makes things worse is the record companies who are trying to make a quick buck out of these naive young fools, get ticked off when we the spending public object to spending our money on their overpriced CD's and instead download their cheapo crap.
That aside what also annoys me is overhyped bands i.e "Blazing squad". What the hell is up with that then!
10 or 12, 16 year olds (my age for gods sake) from the mean streets of Essex pretending their hard rappin' little men. What is tough or manish about hanging around in a group of 12. I mean isnt that just cowardess! but then to ma…