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GAH! What an annoying Day.

Well as you may have guessed from the title i've had something of a bad day today. Well thats true. Firstly I woke up tired and realised that tommorow I would have to be up and about for this time tommorow. Why because I have to go to France tommorow. I really don't want to go too. The case for going is that the people we are going to be staying with are overall very nice and I get on well with the eldest daughter who is my age. The case against: it takes 5 hours to get to this rented cottage from calais! making the entire journey a Whopping 7 hours!!! Then theres the fact that I know that the second eldest Child who is my brothers age and nearly twice as annoying is going to turn the week into one big fat joke with me as its target. It also requires me to lose 5 days which I could have spent working on a secret plan of mine which has been interfeared in by my family so far and I also would've enjoyed having the house to myself for a while. All i…
50 Cent bottles it

Well I'm going to elaborate on the title a bit for those who don't know. 50 Cent world renowned rapper and chav role model (he's been shot 6 time you know so is obviously well 'ard) was pelted with bottles (plus a camping chair at one point) and was forced to end his headlining performance on the main stage of the Reading festival. To be honest I don't feel a great deal of sympathy towards him considering Reading is a rock festival and therefore it is naive and stupid of the booking firm to book a rap artist and not expect trouble. Its not the first time the organisers have made such a blunder as this only 4 years ago they booked an annoying pop duo seldom remembered today who I won't talk about less I stray from the subject too much, subsequently they were pelted with tomatoes and other such vegetables. Silly silly naive fools those orgainisers.

I also got out today (let the joy bells ring muzaltah) I went out to enjoy the fine weather at fir…

As promised in the title i am back and with some stories to tell of what the bugger has been going on in the life of me since i last blogged.
Three days ago I got my GCSE results. I walked into the hall to pick up me results expecting to get about 5 B's at least one A and a D in business studies, Boy was I in for a shock.
Well here is that list of results in total:

Business studies: A!?!?!?!? (HOW THE HELL DID I GET THAT!!!! I CANNA BELIEVE IT!)
English: A
English Litrature: B
Maths: B
Science: AA (I do double science ye see long story)
German: A
GNVQ ICT: Pass (which is essentially a C but its a stupid subject anyway which is far to easy to even be considered as a qualification)

Well I'm still shell-shocked by the results as I did better than I could have ever imagined, but I now worry that I'm becoming a legend in my own mind so I just hope I don't get to compla…
CHAV Music Just keeps getting worse goddam' it!

Hello children the focus of today's second blog! (how do I do it?) is How Chav music is, well, still pissing me off, but now those evil chavs in the music industry have found another way to influence music with chav culture. I'm talking about those terrible songs which are accompanied by an answer in another song. To elaborate on this further I will use an example: Earlier this year an American chav called Eamon (American as apple pie eh?) got dumped by his girlfriend Frankee (bloody Americans can't spell, like most English chavs really), instead of dealing with the break up like any normal man he instead makes a song about how its her fault they broke up and I think you get the idea of this tone by the name of the song "Fuck you I don't want you back" you've probably heard of that. As if people (well me) didn't care before, the afore mentioned Frankee makes a reply song called "Fuji you right ba…
The Best Laid plans O Mice and Dave GET MESSED UP! DAMN IT!

Once again chums i feel the time has come for a small blog. Recently all my almightly plans to go out and do something have been failing somewhat spectacularly. Its all frustrating really as it always leaves me doing nothing all day which leads to complaints from my dad all day and i get the constant anecdote about how he was out all day on his bike and how he rode once from clapham to croydon one day (or something). Oh well I guess i'll just have to keep trying.