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Wrath:Very High

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This doesnt look too good does it.

Also I should hasten to mention that I am writing this post on the eve of a very annoying week in which I have two quite tough exams on the same day and furthermore a driving test. To put simply my anxiety levels have hit a critical mass.

Still some good has happened recently:
I now have five out of six Uni confirmations from: Staffordshire, Cardiff, Lincoln, Winchester and Kingston. To be honest though non of them will prove difficult to get into except maybe Cardiff who actually are asking for decent grades (in this case ABB). Then again I wont really be able to assess how tough this will be until I get the January results but if all goes well I might have an easy may exam period Hopefully.

Anyway boring school stuff aside the last few weeks have consisted of a mixture of school, parties and christmas so a lot has gone on.

Everyone seems to…