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Eh Boo Boo...

As I commented some weeks ago. Yogi Bear was yet to be unrecognisably mangled from its 2D cartoon form, into a 3D live action film by the hacks of Hollywood.

Then I discovered this:

Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake? Seriously? I couldnt think of a worse pairing, aside from maybe Russell Brand and Ian McKellen (and that's as the leads in ANY film, live action or no). Also in the case of the latter, does the presence of J.T. mean that Boo Boo is going to sing? I wouldn't put it past the producers to fit that in too. 

Whilst I am pleased that I accurately predicted Hollywood might do something as misguided as a Yogi Bear live action film (note: I wasn't aware it had been approved as early as 2008, but then it wasn't common knowledge!), I really didn't want to be proven right!

Ferrari's Farce

They say lightning never strikes twice; they also say that only the wisest and the stupidest of men never change, begging the question who are ‘they’, and what makes ‘them’ so damn wise in the first place? All these questions were passing through my mind after yesterday’s German Grand Prix, where race leader Felipe Massa was ordered by his Ferrari team to relinquish position to Fernando Alonso, who went on to win the race. This of course bore an eerie resemblance to the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix, when Ferrari forced Rubens Barrichello to move over to let Michael Schumacher past.

The Ferrari team has been an outspoken critic should anything not benefit the team in the sport, such as technical and sporting regulations, as seen this year when Michael Schumacher took advantage of a grey area in the rules at the expense of a Ferrari car. Now, I’m not saying Ferrari is always wrong when it comes to its bleating and blubbering that it’s been unfairly treated, the Schumacher case for instanc…

Burger Based Lies

Having been hard at work job hunting for the last couple of months, I have now progressed to the stage of getting regular interviews with prospective employers.

This is also a brief excuse for not updating more regularly. I don’t know who I’m apologising to. Maybe it’s to me? In which case; I’m very sorry me.

In other news, look! Burger King have just been reprimanded by the ASA for displaying a larger than life (literally) burger in one of its adverts. Misleading of course considering if, like me, you’ve been to Burger King, looked at the lovely juicy burger on display on the menu, and been disappointed with the flaccid, unkempt disappointment that is served up to you. That’s right I’m calling a burger from a fast food restaurant disappointment in the shape of a burger! What will the King have to say about that then?

Also what’s up with the King? There is something unnerving, and yet cool about this self appointed, jolly old monarch that seems to like forcing his greasy wares on an …

Stuck In A World Of Their Own

It’s no exaggeration to say that TV exists in a world of its own. But what happens when that world contains another world? Sometimes things can get very existentially confusing, although sometimes the result can be comedy gold. Today we look at some of the best TV shows within shows, to see what happens when TV becomes too reflexive for its own good.

Children of Castor (As seen in Cruise of the Gods)

"What's the point in being human, if we lose the ability to be humane?"Do you remember that weird cult series from the eighties, which had kids battling monsters in a post nuclear-apocalyptic world? You know the one with the cheesy lines and the incomprehensible plot? Well this is the ultimate parody of dystopian nineteen-eighties sci-fi. Also I am a particular fan of the opening sequence containing a doomed man screaming “I’m changing! I’M CHANGING!” due to the nuclear apocalypse described in the back-story.

Albi the Racist Dragon (As seen in Flight of the Conchords)


Gimme a Break From These Damn Kids

When I was young children’s TV occasionally dealt with the theme of children getting revenge on their parents. The gunge-happy Get Your Own Back was probably the most memorable, where disgusting brats who felt their parents had irreversibly wronged them - for trivial crimes like wearing a Wallace and Gromit tie to work - could deal sticky gungy punishment upon their birthgivers, whilst host Dave Benson Phillips ran around with his arms flailing, and screaming like a banshee.

Well this is the twenty-first century and children today have tired of gunge, (aside from a brief revival during the dark times of Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow) so instead the spoilt gnomes have decided to ruin the family holiday instead of dunking their parents in gruel. Gimme A Break, fronted by Jake Humphry, is the result.

The format works like this: The kids moan about what they don’t like about family holidays, so get to pick the rules for the next one. Not only that, but they also get to chose the desti…