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Shouldn't you be dead before you can recieve an obituary? It seems not.

This week has marked a further sign of how low the tabloid news and glossy magazine industry will sink. I am of course talking about the release of the OK! ‘Jade Goody Tribute edition’, which comes complete with a photo-history of the stupid tart, a massive heading of “in Loving Memory” and Jade’s ‘final’ final interview. I’m almost certain she did her final interview a couple of weeks ago, but then memory seems to be short in the world of the tabloid media.

Now some of you may think that an entire tribute dedicated to the dubious character that is Goody is debatable in itself, or that she is an important figure-head for Cancer (All I can say is I think I know what Cancer is thank you very much, don’t bloody patronise me) and should have one, although I’m going to steer well clear of that discussion.

The issue was launched on Tuesday and was publicised on the TV and in the press. Naturally a tribute edition, launched when the person being tributed is still alive, albeit only just (alleg…

Stupid or Not?

I had the rare honour yesterday of attending a preview screening to an upcoming film, in which the director was also present. The film in question was The Age of Stupid, a docudrama about climate change. The films approach is quite unconventional, as it partly set in the speculative (based on current scientific theory) dystopian future of 2055, where the earth has suffered run away climate change, and partly in the present era. This is all weaved together by Pete Postlethwaite (Brassed Off, Romeo and Juliet, The Usual Suspects) who plays ‘the archivist’, a man who trawls through news, and film footage of the past to try and demonstrate how we knowingly destroyed ourselves and our planet.

The present day footage all centres upon current disasters, changes in the planet’s usual patterns and some of the human rights injustices committed in the name of the oil industry. There are six people all interlinked by the archivist, and each tells their own story in different episodic chapters. For…

Evil to go

I wish today to talk about an evil. It’s not a conventional evil such as terrorism or paedophilia, or anything else the red top tabloids whip up panic about normally. No in fact it is one man, well whether he can be called a man or not is up for debate. I am of course talking about Ronald “Big Mac” McDonald, the McDonald’s corporation’s symbol of terror and authority.

Now while it might be true that he looks innocent enough, after all he is a clown and seems too much of a fool to be any threat, but remember the devil is able to take many forms. Why have rants about Ronald McDonald you may ask? Well I’ve been studying this crafty character for a couple of weeks now, and have managed to build a damning case against him from his portrayals in adverts.

First of all he is guilty of stealing children from their homes, and seemingly luring them to his headquarters (McDonalds naturally). What will he do with them when he’s got them there? Well I’m sure it doesn’t take a huge guess as it’s prob…

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