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EGGciting Times!

Yes I know the joke is purile and rubbish but whos cares THIS IS MY BLOG!
Well the Easter Holidays are now in full swing and I have to say that this week so far has been quite a busy one.
Thursday: Today was the last day of school and I found my precence there was utterly pointless as I didnt have the one proper lesson I was supposed to have that day. The other lesson that was taken up by the Assembly/Showcase was a free anyway.
The showcase/Assembly I was not looking forward to as the last one had consisted of Chav dancing and some band music and singing. Not really my idea of entertainment. But after the usual kissing up to the "Hockey Bastards" the showcase began. This time it consisted of a music, which was fly me to the moon. I didnt think this was too bad although not very interesting. Rob kept complaining that the keyboard player was playing it badly or summit. Then came an act which was a year nine boy in a pink leotard pretending to be an italian magician. This I thou…