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No smoke without fire


Well I've decided to drop my semi-retirement from the blogging scene to talk about an event which has happened recently.

Many of you will remember this which befell a couple of our previous schoolmates not long ago. For those of you who don't basically these two guys who went to our school decieded to set some paper on fire whilst travelling on a local train. Not the most clever idea considering the fire got out of hand and caused substantial damage. Especially not so clever considering the train had cctv too. Basically they went down for three years each.

Now anyway this now contextualised this brings me on to my main point. I was surfing across Facebook (as I do) when I noticed a group was discussing this. I joined in as I found the fact that these two could be so stupid was amusing and discussion worthy.

This being done I later recieved this message from a friend of the pair.

"I noticed you were one of the people to comment on the discussion regarding Gence Emek and Jo…