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Do Childrens TV presenters make sexual innuendo on purpose or am I just sick minded?

Well exams are now finished thankfully so I now have a rediculous amount of freetime. Although yesterday involved going to Thorpe Park, I'm going to follow a different theme.

As you can see from the title I'm going to explore the age old question of do childrens presenters/programmes include sexual innuendo on purpose.

From a young age we were all exposed to childrens shows like Postman Pat and such. We also had to deal with the tiresome antics of the presenters between programmes. Anyway this is what brought me to this question. The other day when I had woken up early for an exam I happened across Cbeebies (a programme for very young children for those of you who don't know)

These are the kind of fools we can find on this show. Anyways while watching this the presenters were pretending to be a train. The woman preceeded the man in an up the arse kind of way and held two heldlamps in an unsubltle way over her chest. This got me thinking. Did they just do this fomation out of …