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Through the keyhole of Dave


I have opted to give you a look into life in wales. It takes a while to get you used to, but once your here then its easy enough.

To begin Cardiff Central (Caerdydd Canolog) , the gateway into the city.

Ah lovely (spoken like a true welshman).

We can see here the Millenium stadium which is one of the first things you see coming into Cardiff.

Erm try to ignore this when you get here.

This is where the magic happens. I.E it is the Uni main campus where we have lectures and such.

Now to where I live in Talybont South. This is the sort of middle class area of the Talybont complex. To describe it, it's kind of like a housing estate but with no chavs or graffiti. When I say middle class though it's only because our houses arn't as nice as the new ones in Talybont Court which cost a bit more or the outdated old houses in Talybont North (or the Talybronx as we here call it).

I would post a picture of my house. House 26, but I haven't yet taken a picture of it but I will probably a…

What the hell is going on?!

Check this out it might make you laugh


News from the Valleys


I could begin this post with Welsh like saying Creso (welcome) but to be honest I'd rather distance myself from that language as much as possible for obvious reasons.
I just wanted to keep this blog going and keep everyone updated on the goings on here in Cardiff as quite a few things have happened.

As you may expect lectures have started but its's all been very interesting so far. Its been quite quirky too, for instance in my first lecture we ended up viewing a clip of the Simpsons and an American Football game, albeit only so the lecturer could demonstrate his point. Things got weirder by the end of the week when in Cultural Critism I was asked to culturally consider a giant box of cornflakes. Yes indeed, lectures have been anything but dull.

Other happenings; I've been out a few times this week, One notable occasion was where I went to see a stage hypnotist. Now I have never before in my life seen a live hypnotism and have regarded it with a mixture of sceptism and curi…