Well its a new day and IM tired from my first day back at school (neh!) so I wont be ranting as hard as usual but here's a go for today (may I just thank all my loyal fans for recognizing me)

For today's rant I make a slight merging of yesterdays rant and my rant about rood bois (due to calls from my fans)
Well I will begin by saying rude boys are scum of the world and are nothing no matter how "bling" or "bad" they think they are! They are all fools and more to the point they are bullies and cowards by using physical and psychological attacks against other people, what the hell is tough about trying to intimidate an old man or a pacifist teenager or adult. What is more to the point is how these Idiots think it is tough to do their dirty work using weapon, and this is the point where American gang culture is to blame. Thanks to this we see more shootings in the UK than ever. I finish with this final though and this is the part my fans will like the most. YOU ROODBOIS OR WHAT EVER YOU CALL YOURSELVES (LEARN TO SPELL AS WELL) ARE SCUM AND IF I WERE IN CHARGE I WOULD LAUGH AT PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND TAKE A POWER SANDER TO YOUR BOLLOKS! HOW DO YOU LIKE USING WEAPONS AGAINST INNOCENTS NOW THEN! I will now take this moment to speak out against a group of people who are in my school. They are by no means an official group in any sense, but they do have a habit of sticking together. I call them Hockey boys due to the fact they are on the school hockey team. Some hockey players are alright but many of them are muscle brains to name names to people who know them (yes this is a continuation of yesterday I know) they are fools who prey on the quiet and intelligent with their pitiful sense of humor, what is worse about this fact they never get tired of this painful "laugh a minute." All I can say is that their stupid arrogance will lead to their fall one day and I hope its a very long fall for some of them.
well that's it for now cya


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