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Everthing is changing and I don't feel right

A slight adaptation on the Keane song there but I feel it rings some truth for todays serving.

Change has certainly been in the air of late and not always for the better. The first such issue is the NEW CAR OF THE JANI'S!!!
News of a new car normally bring happiness and Joy to all. Sadly in this case I'm left dumbfounded at the poor choice of my Dad who simply chose it for himself and didn't even make a democratic decision by consulting me and my brother. The Car in question is a Saab 95 Convertable.
Now for some this would be a dream come true but I disagree.

Problem 1. Its a convertable: This is an odd thing to prod with critism but for me it spells a self induced nightmare. I'm very conscious of when I'm being listened too and I think nothing spells a lack of privacy than driving around with no roof! It doesn't help also if you're Dad has a bizarre and sometimes rather embarrassing taste in music which he likes to play very loudly. Not only that but its mor…

Lifes getting a tad dull

This week for some reason flew by. It seems strange that this is true considering its been quite a comparitivly dull week. Lots of lothargy and all that kinda stuff. Not only that MANY HAVE BEEN AWAY ALL WEEK AND NOT ABLE TO DO ANYTHING GODDAM IT!

Never mind that being said I will move on. I know that people have been complaining about my overuse of the picture facilities. I have to agree that it does make the site load slower than a mexican sloth with athritis but have no fear I have no reason to post loads of big pictures anymore. Today we just get smaller mobile pics

Sunday: The only thing I really did today was go to CLOTHES SHOP!!!! NOOO!! THE PAIN!! THE MISERY!!! THAT ANNOYING MANOTONY!!! It was in aid of a good cause though. I now own two suits instead of just the one. My new one is a rather nice Marks and Spencers black one! I quite like it. Apart from that I watched the Bahrain Grand Prix and was pleasantly surprised to see Schumacher retired with an engine failure.

Monday: I we…