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Hey I'm Back

Well school is well and truly underway at the moment and I've found I've actually had to do WORK AT HOME!
What a disasterous thought! quite a lot too what with annoying coursework and that.

That aside other things have been going on too.
Last week I went to teh Steve Fishers house for some drinks. That was quite fun. For a while we played Texas hold-em WITH ARMY MEN!! (currency that is) I started out with a small but effective force but through some luck and skill I had an army which would have put the chinese to shame. The proudest part was when I won Matts beloved Minesweeper dude.
After that I saved the day when we made a much needed trip to the offlicence and I produced my fake ID .
The day after that I with Chris and Nick met up with the random girls that Chris had left his number with. This required a long and slow journey to Lewisham. The whole thing can be summed up in one word as awkward. Not much was said between both parties so we decieded that this wasnt worth bothering with. However One of the girls phoned Chris afterwards and it seemed things are sorted now and maybe we'll be seeing more of these people. I'm fine with that as long as they are more talkative personally because I mean you make an effort and it pisses me off if someone is incapable of trying to continue conversation.
After that the very same day Nick Staines Guy (Reading Chum) and I wandered into the pits of hell (Camberwell) for a party of some girl I didnt know at all. The good thing was it was open house, this struck me as being a bit of a laugh. Unfortuanatly we arrived to find it was cancelled. I was pissed off but it didnt stop me enjoying a free meal on Nicks parents and Half of the Whiskey that Guy had bought along. A bad night was saved.

I passed my driving theory test! Thats right I'M SEMI QUALIFIED TO DRIVE!
There is actually some semi-interesting anecdotes behind this.
Firstly I had to take the bus to Croydon because the Rents decided to be out. This meant taking a bus past Shirley during the School run. The bus was crowded with bastard Small Chavs! They made loud squeaking noises near the back of the bus. One idiot held down the bus stop button, which pissed off the driver to no end and then when they finally got off they started bashing their hands against the windows. It really makes me wish I had a handy shotgun at times.
Then I arrived in Croydon where I had to wonder for half an hour as I was way too early.
Eventually I got the test underway. During it I thought I had failed when I got penalised on the Hazard Perception test. The bastard thing said I had clicked too many times and would lose my score for that clip. Still though I aced the bastard so thats now that!

A lot is going to happen over the next few weeks. I've got my 18th in about a week which will hail me finally be able to order drinks from pubs with no issues and other such rambuntious japes.
Maybe some film trips and that
I'm also set to return to New York in October for a short family holiday which will yield loads of photos and that. Also John is supposed to be going at the same time so maybe I'll bump into him too.
There be a good few weeks ahead

PEace OUt PLAyas


Jon said…
Woo, New York! It's quite strange how we're both going at the same time.
Anonymous said…
Alright, Mr. Teddy bear? :P

Sounds like a load of foon...
Dave said…
Except the whole cancelled party thing. That doesn't sound so fun.
jon said…
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Dave said…
OH NO Its come to this! Being selected by a robot! I always said robots were no good! SHOO SHOOO! I mean how does that passage even make sense!
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Dave said…
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Chard said…

Though the picture's purty...
Dave said…
the_doctor_46 said…
4 fcuk sake get a girlfriend u sad bastards
Dave said…
Yeah, those spam-robot program type things are in need of a bit of a life.
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