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When does a permenant needled in drawing in your skin seem a good idea?

I’m going to talk today about something which is a particular pet peeve of mine. It is a Tattoos. I absolutely despise the things, and often recoil on viewing them. The sad fact of life being the bitch that it is is that more and more people are getting them.

Indeed it seems that trend-setting celebrities, and relaxing standards of acceptance (not all a bad thing although in this case I find it personally a problem) means that all the kids are getting them now. Perhaps I wouldn’t mind them so much, who knows I may have even got one myself, if it wasn’t for the fact they were permanent. That isn’t to say of course they aren’t removable but that requires considerable cost, and it sounds quite painful.

The permanence of a tattoo just leads me to accuse people with them of ruining their bodies. I suppose the key word in that sentence though is “their”, as their body is theirs to do what they want with, but for some reason it always seems like there is a naivety involved in the decision to g…

Red Dwarf but not as I know it...

A brief rant today about TV.

Of course, it being the Easter weekend and all, there were a lot of big things on TV aside from the usual biblical epics and family classics rolled out as a matter of course. However one of those things represented something close to my heart. That thing is Red Dwarf.

I have been a fan of Red Dwarf from around the age of 8, and got into it at the time when series VI was showing. This was a bad point to become a fan, as it was at the time of the split between the writing partnership of Grant Naylor, and as a result the series had already peaked in quality. Still I remained a fan and also having slowly viewed the back catalogue of episodes I remained so, in spite of the two later and rather fan testing series. However this weekend represented another test of my mettle as a fan, as the series was brought back to life again for the first time in 10 years.

Now, I was under no illusion that the stunt was to try and get a new series commissioned but the way the …