Summer Summary

Wow I forgot about this.

Never Mind I shall make amends as best as I can with the use of my memory. A lot has taken place since I last posted.

The first Real event of the summer Was france of course, as Has been well documented by others. I shall sum up in a few random words.
Croque Monsuire
Chris in a chefs hat
French People!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

It was good fun all in all.

The next major event was that I bought a bass guitar. Practice with that continued over the summer. I can play a few things now though not spectacualy

My dad went to have an operation on his nose which saw him out the way for a few days which was fun.

I chilled at some friends houses during this kinda interim period, went to a few parties.

Then Came results day which was quite a nervous time but it was all good
I got A's in English Language and Film
And C's in Psychology and History (which I was giving up anyways)
Then came the event summer had been building up for READING!

This was fantastic. There I went to the front of QOTSA (Queens of the Stoneage) which was quite tiring but hey I saw Josh Homme Up close and got crowd Surfed so all was good. I also saw the Killers, Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden, The Coral, Incubus, Iggy and the Stooges, The Dropkick Murpheys and the Foo Fighters. Aside from the music a lot went on. I smoked a cigar which I have to say I enjoyed a lot. Chris Devised a new catchphrase; "Judge it!" (or destroy it). On the last night we judged a burger van which was fun as the guy had tried to attack Chris who had been trying to steal a ATM sign. Well we threw things thats about it.
I then made the unwise decision to stay up all night with no sleep, And on a hot day with little going on and walking lots with heavy items makes a hellish scenario, Especially on the london underground.
We also started a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fire which consisted of tents, chairs, gas canisters (they make a mighty bang, tarps and various other items of camping equipment. Others joined in throwing other such items on we had a huge group of people judging with us, Then the fire brigade ruined our fun. I wont be calling them in future!

Since that I went to Quasar with some others which like jon says is crap. That night also saw a largish party at Chris's house which I got more drunk than usual at. However I managed to keep it all in as usual and didnt pass out so thats another notch on my wall of drunken durability success.

I also went to the BBQ where I judged someones sheep. which was a bit of a laugh.

And today I went back to school which was ok as I have 2 frees before lunch leaving the majority of the day free. I can live with it just fine. Sorry about the vagueness but I really cannot remember a lot of it very clearly but this will do until I have something new to write about.
I've also noticed that these days everyone and his dog seems to have a blog of some sort owing to the MSN spaces and it's a fast growing trend. Those who scorn blogging seem to be turning slowly. HA!

Peace Out Playa's


Helen said…
YOU hurt my sheep??? How dare you! Just you wait until I see you again...
Dave said…
Dave said…
Sounds like a pretty wild time there in Reading.

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