Fast Times at LPBS

Its been HECTIC lately what with exams and other things going on.

This will be a proper post with pictures and what not so rest assured it will contain the usual amount of sarcasm bitter cynacism and stuff. Just a short point to any twats who insult blogging. OUR NUMBERS INCREASE DAILY THANKS TO THE HELP OF MSN BLOG ACCOUNTS! Anyways whats so bad about doing this once in a while its not like I do it everyday! Anyways people are often stupid so fuck those who mock to hell.

Anyway to set the ball rolling here are a few random piccatures:

Image Hosted by
I found this random scarepixie at youthclub. Why it has a beak I don't know

Image Hosted by
Chapman Scared Matt onto the roof one day with his eeevily squeaky voice he can do.

Image Hosted by
Nicks love of sausages became more apparant

Image Hosted by
Someone left a SNES lying around after fly tipping a load of stuff outside the girls school

Anyways to begin the fun this story begins with the GENERAL STUDIES exams two weeks ago. Oh what a fun beginning to a fun week. The exam was 2 and half hours of pointless questions like "what is a fact?" and a comprehension on how fishing helped prevent young criminals reoffend. Hmm the luring temptation of putting General studies on my Application form grows ever stronger.

Anyway that was just the beginning of a hellish week where I actually had to work and do homework like normal. NOOOOOO!!!!! It also involved a lot of practice papers preperation work and teachers going.

Anyway that week was over and a better weekend promised.
This involved a trip down to Littlehampton to visit some of the people I met back in April who were friends of Emily (Robs Girlfriend). I left Croydon with my Travelling companions Chris and Nick (Staines). The journey was quite fun I spent most of it reading the Viz I'd bought from the station. I spent much of the time lauging at a article in it about the mascots of popular TV shows like "Hendrix the Top of the pops Parrot, who was retired after biting a bit off Fearne Cottons ear (Good going parrot)"
We soon arrived and went to the hoose we were staying at and had lunch. We were staying with someone called a Amanda who had some kinda UBER seaside house with about 5 floors. Chris and her exchanged gifts for twas his Birthday and hers was in a few days. Chris got a toy swan and some chocolate. She got a happy 50th birthday card and money from us.

Image Hosted by
Dumpty was upon the wall.

Later we went bowling and I actually played quite well. It was there we met a load of random people. One of these was A bloke called Toby who was supposed to come to London but didnt for some reason. He was a total LEGEND!!!!!!

That night we went back to teh UBER HOOSE to watch "Without A Paddle" It was quite a typical film as it involved 3 men going on some journey to find some treasure they had sought after as kids. As these films often go they do they succeed after an intolorable and at times humoerous journey then discover the treasure is symobolic as they have infact grown up on their journey. Especially the uptight one who is played rather surprisingly by the petite Seth Green (Austin Powers - Scott Evil).

Most of Us had fallen asleep by the end but me and Chris deceided to take advantage of nick who was still asleep by undoing his flies. Ah his face was a picture!

We then went to bed in our lodgings which were a haunted attic complete with rustic whistly draught. I found it quite Eerie.

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Luckily for Chris he had his swan for comfort.

Next morning after a good rest we ambled back to the station said our goodbyes and headed for home. The journey was a tad annoying as there was a screaming child near us and the parents were next to useless in trying to solve this annoyance!

After arriving back at the station my Dad kindly dropped the others back and then I went straight to a Mafia Barbeque. It was fun there was food I sorted out some business saw some old friends who I hadn't seen for a number of years.

The next week was to be hell being LITTERED WITH EXAMS!!!
MONDAY: General Studies again which proved to be just a rubbish.
TUESDAY: Film and English Language. I did quite well in the former and not so well in the latter.
WEDNESDAY: A full day of Psychology revision.
THURSDAY: The day of the THREE HOUR!!!! Psychology exam. It went ok
FRIDAY: I chilled for most of the day and then headed out in the evening to a gig in London with Matt and Nick (Staines).

Image Hosted by
I noticed this Pub in Islington where the Gig was. Seriously how did they get away with that. Oh well no harm done.

The gig itself was pretty good although I lost my hearing and got very sweaty. I moshed too which didnt help but it was cool to begin with. At first it just consisted of pushing a my strength amongst these people became quite apparent which was cool. Then the sick people joined in and kept punching people so a lot of people stopped. This provided practice for the System of a Down Concert I'm going to next week (I will probably die). After the fun had ended we headed for home .

SATURDAY: I spent the day mainly chilling then headed to Nicks house for drinkage which was to be pretty crazy. I had about 7 pints in the end and was a bit tipsy but not as bad as Tom who was pretty out of it by the end.

Image Hosted by
Chris decieded to play the same prank on Tom as he did to Nick last week

Image Hosted by
Is there no stopping this maniac.

SUNDAY: I was ushered out of bed quickly and went off to where my Dads best friend lives.

Image Hosted by
Its quite nice there.

It isn't all his just one part of it but the area is about the same as my house.
There were also lots of facilities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, fishing pond and local Swan.

MONDAY: After staying up for most of the night watching Star Wars I woke up after a hard night on the floor. We quickly left and we then went to my Aunts house in Kingston where we did pretty much bugger all. I did buy Anchorman and Dodgeball on DVD which was pretty cool.

So thats the great epic.

Onto other things: DAMN THAT CRAZY FROG. Its a stupid sound plagerised from this. Then it was added to a crappy animation as the form the frog takes today. Now this wasnt so bad as it was actually kind of funny. Well to be honest the animation was shit but some people liked it. Then it became popular when people added it to the humble mobile. Since then the company Promoting it Jamster. Has shamelessly been saturating the market. Starting small with the occasional MTV ad. Then with a couple of ads in a break. Then things took a down turn when you could end up seeing up to four of the exact same adverts in a break for this DAMN FROG on the music channels on satillite. Then the frog made the transition to our terrestrial screens and there was no stopping him. Now this AWFUL new Frog mix is number one in our charts, Jamster has various spin offs like SWEETY THE BLOODY CHICK and NESSY THE FUCKING DRAGON.
We are beyond help people this is the first wave of a constant attack waiting to hit us and do the same. WE ARE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS NOW!

So as per usual there is no hope for any of us especially me.

PEACE OUT PLAYA (I Have that film (Garden State) now YAY!)


Chard said…

And do you think it wise for chris to be in the same bed as a swan?
Dave said…
Ooh, very busy you've been.

But got to aggree: DAMN THAT FROG!!!
Lewis said…

I agree absolutely!
Dan said…
That damn frog!

It seems you've had a busy few days there Dave.
iris said…
sad bastard
iris said…
you sad fucks
Dave said…
Why sad? what makes you so special?
Dave said…
Ah yeah..... just as i thought you loser! and call me sad you hippocrite!
Dan said…
"you sad f*cks"

Speak properly girl!

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