Catching Up

Well a lot has happened recently. Ill keep it brief and stick to the important stuff.

I've finally taken up driving lessons over six months after getting my provisional license. I've only had four lessons as yet but I seem to be doing ok. If I was bad to start with I'm certainly improving now. Now to buy a car! Being honest its not gonna be a Ferrari and its gonna be slow but as the insurance premiums insist on being so high for learner drivers my age I have no where else to turn. Not to mention a lack of a large budget.

I have a new Job which pays a lot more than my lame shelf stacking job at Waitrose. Its not very taxing as it just involves inputting stuff into a huge computer data base but its very relaxed and easy so I'm sitting on quite a cushy deal.

Its now the summer Holidays which is always a good thing. I fortunately gave the last day of school a miss owing to the fact that I had no lessons and that it was going to suck ass anyway. By all accounts it did so I defiantly didn't miss anything.

There quite a lot to come as well. Of course there'll be the normal London and cinema trips but I'm also going to France next week which should be good. It won't hopefully be as bad as going away with my family which normally is rubbish for various reasons plus I can't stand them in long stints.
I'm also going to Reading this year for the bank holiday weekend which I reckon is gonna be two tuns of fun and a half. I mean getting wasted for a long weekend with bands like Queens of the Stoneage, Iron Maiden and The Foo Fighters intertwined It should be a weekend to remember.
Although I still need a tent for that.

I have decided also over the summer to learn the bass as it has a cool sound and is relatively easy to pick up and learn. I still need to buy one though so in that sense its not been a good start.

Right that outlines a lot of important stuff I want to get across. Now for some complaints

I was having a quick peek at some stuff on IMDB and came across a Pink Panther Prequel that us being made. Of course it can't have peter sellers considering he's been dead for 25 years so Steve Martin has stepped in to fill the void. I think that's ok. It was when I discovered SOME IDIOT HAS CAST BEYONCE KNOWLES IN IT! Now I think the likes of Goldmember among other films have proven that Miss Knowles is a crap actor. Not to mention the fact I despise Destinys Child with a passion. WHY HER! WHY!!! If threes one thing I cannot stand its is when a popular singer becomes an actor. I mean look at Sting, Ice Cube and Beyonce S Club THE SPICE GIRLS!. It certainly doesn't strike a good chord. I'm not saying it can't be done however, I just think it generally is a crap idea and is annoying. All they get cast for is their fame and not their skill. That's Hollywood for you I guess.

Another Problem TERRORISTS.
This is just getting annoying now, a bunch of fanatic god botherers seeming to think that a quick way to salvation is to blow themselves up in a crowd. How can people be that stupid. That's right stupider than some Red Neck Conservative mid west Americans! Another problem with this is that now some people start to panic and insist on idiotic ideas like airport style security on the Underground. Still its only a proposition at this time and nothing is concrete. I must admit we've been quite mellow about everything. Well compared to the Americans. I just wish these pratts who are doing it would think of a slightly more articulate way of making a point that isn't clear to me, or many others for that matter, at all.
It really doesn't benefit anyone. Not even your cause.

Peace Out Playas


Jon said…
That movie with Ice Cube in it did look truly terrible.
Avari said…
For the same reason, beyonce overweight will never be completely clear-cut. I don't think, anyway. But posts like this post at least give a different view and make you think about it - maybe even for the first time.

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