End of Exams

Yes thats right kids my exams are finally over although this years lot was nothing like last years with other annoying subjects like Maths and German.

Of course no exams means no more revising which leaves me with quite little to do whilst other people continue with their exams so will be reluctant to do stuff.
So I'll play the part of social sheep again and do this

01. Reply with your name and I will write a short phrase describing you.
02. I will then tell you what I admire about you.
03. I will make up a short drabble with the both of us in it.
04. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
05. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
06. Put this in your journal.

Look forward to hearing from you

Peace Out Playas!


Chard said…
yo' mah homes, check da chard!
Dave said…
1. You are Chard the lovable wit amonst use with a head of blonde hair.

2. Luckily none of that blonde stupidity has afflicted you thats the first thing. The second is that you are able to spontanously come up with
so many witty comments

3. Once upon a time Dave and Chard with their pet Louis strolled along the streets of broadway only to be a ttacked by a crazed street seller called Mario. Luckily Dave fended him off by using Chard as a sort of sword and Louis as a human shield.

4. Why does no one in your house ever answer the phone?
Dave said…
DAVE!!!! Dave :)
Dave said…
1. You are Dave the crankier Member of our clique

2. How you manage to keep true to your beliefs Drugs alcahol etc

3. Once upon a time me and Dave were walking along Beckenham high street when the evil one approached (charles) Dave then walked up and asked "do you know who I am?" Charles then started to melt screaming "EGADS I AM UNDONE!"

4. Whats it like being the youngest child with two older sisters?
Dave said…
sorry I missed the memorable moments for both

Chard: Numerous from New York

Dave: Probably the MC Dave McC videos
Dan said…
Dave. Can you write about the Dan?
Steve said…
He probably can, but has he met his match with the Steve. Tune in next time for results!
Louis said…
Pet Louis
Dave said…
1. Dan the Nightwish fan

2. How you have a deep and unrelented hatred of anyone stupid or chavlike

3. One day Dan and Dave were standing on the concourse when suddenly a bunch of small chavs came along. Dan then stared at them in such a way they turned into jelly. And then they did feast upon the delicious goo.

4.Probably on one of the numerous London trips

5.Why you took german and chemistry at A level
Dave said…
1. Steve B the rather hyperactivly intense one of us who at the same time is quiet and timid

2. How you are able on one hand to be totally insane and on the other to be a recluse

3. Steve and Dave were sitting in form when an annoying twittering was heard from in front. Twas the girls of our form acting in their usual insane and quiet confusing manner. So Steve stood up and walked over and said "WELL THIS just isn't on" and that stopped the annoying noise.

4. Probably the times at Nick Staines house

5. Why you are convinced the world is against you when nothing particually bad has happened to you
Dave said…
1. Louis MY NEW YORK BUDDY no 2

2. How you still continue to support Charlton no matter what and that you chose to take up Business again for A level after the horrors of GCSE business

3. Louis and Dave were in the middle of London when suddenly they observed that the giant Mcflurry had returned. Not wasting anytime they prepared a cunning trap out of a toblorone and some cheese and the rest was history


5. Why did you choose to support Charlton?
Jo said…
"ok. I feel that it is time for me to confess." Please see my blog.
Dave said…
to anon
1. telling me to get a life is hippocritical due to the fact your insulting me behind a made up account, with nothing better to than insult the likes of me like anyone else really cares
2.what can I learn about a sense of humor from you after that rabbit comment.
3. You never pointed out the exact problem with my life all knowing fool
4.I must have annoyed you quite a lot little boy whats the matter mummys tits gone dry? getting cranky? aww poor baby

here a piece of advice come out of hiding and get a life yerself
We luv ya dave said…
Sorry Dave, you have my deepest apologies.

In your reply, you called me "a baby"

Now that has got to be the worst insult i have heard in a long time, "a baby"

I, unlike you, do not have the physique of a chubby little baby,

so i reccommend you come up with a better insult to hit me with, Has mummy's tits gone dry????? What the fuck??

I hope you realise my mum passed away when i was young, now you might not know what that is like, but its not the nicest of things

Saying my mums tits have gone dry, when my mum has in fact, gone dry, isnt the most intellectual of comments to make.

In hindsight of my previous statement, i wasnt extremely harsh towards you, whereas you seem to find it amusing to insult someone whos mum passed away when i was young,

you wouldnt like it if when you were young, your mum going away, nothing you can do to get her back, and all you have left is a photo. and a single memory.

Therefore i think your previous "witty" comment was nothing but a sick joke you use to make yourself look big in front of your friends, your a sick, misunderstanding young prick

if you have any idea of what its like, but you dont, because you think you are bigger than anyone else (which you are physically, but nowhere near mentally)

er, prick wanker dipshit smelly foot goat.

Mate your cock is as large as a 5p piece,

i expect an apology for your sick obsession with dead mothers, you obviously get so much joy out of them.
You came to this blog and read that comment by choice; Dave did not direct that comment directly at you, the only reason you even saw that comment was because you came to this blog to insult Dave.
You started this whole thing, and obviously made Dave angry, and now expect no reprisals whatsoever? How can you get angry with Dave's retaliation when you started this off in the first place?
Dave in no way mocked the death of your mother; how was he supposed to know your mother was dead? You just picked up on that one sentence and used it to justify your rude, idiotic insults.
Dave said…
Ohoho I see now you can deal out that but you can't take it back!

You were enjoying yourself before when you thought you were annoying me and because by chance I insulted your dead mother I'm supposed to feel sorry!

You really do act like a baby who hasnt gotten his own way so I think that is a well deserved label for you, Also considering you still continue to hide behind a false Identity. Not really very grown up is it little boy!

You can sooner try to rape will Young before I will aplogize. You should have realised that trying to upset me could have led to this. Its called an eye for an eye!

Not only that but I didnt realise this was a battle of wittisims as your first comment sure didnt seem to be like that. All i did was lower myself to your standards and I must say its seems to have had an effect
I cant say this latest serving of petty insults has elevated you to my higher standards of wit "your dick is the size of a 5p piece" hmmm yes I'm feeling pretty silly right now ooh the WIT THE WIT!

Seriously mate if you cant take this retaliation give it a rest!
If you don't like it don't start these things! I am not a misunderstanding prick unless I am pushed to it and well you deserve this honestly. And I'm also not bigger than everyone else mentally or physically nor do I normally think that but I sure as hell am above you (lets not forget your "prick wanker smelly foot goat" comment") Need I say more?

Also thanks for the support Voice in the Darkness I'm glad you see things my way.
We luv ya dave said…
Now now, it seems you cant see past that thick aura of ignorance around you.

Firstly you seem to be of the opinion that the way to solve a problem. Is to make it bigger, to try and make yourself look big. This age old technique only shows even more ignorance on your part, the part of a child.

If you were a real man, you would have simply said, something to difuse the situation such as just saying "you can think what you want" etc, this obvious explosion of immature emotion only proves further that you are a child.

Also, you are assuming that my original outburst of fury was completely random, you should think back dave, where you seemed o to oblivious to the effects of what you say and do. your ignorant, arrogant mood swings are deeply insulting when you dont understand the situation many people are in, maybe you should think before you act more often. if you did you would be free from such furious outbursts.

Grow up dave.
Ahahahahaha! What a load of rubbish that was.
So, you're saying it's fine for you to act immature, but when Dave wants to defend himself he's not allowed to? Where's the logic in that?

You are the arrogant one, you are the one who doesn't care about the effects of your actions and you are the one who gets enjoyment out of insulting others.

I could've just returned your arguement back at you, it applies much better to you than it does Dave.
Dave said…
Seriously if you think that was bad get over it because to get so het up over one little opinionated comment from an infrequent aquaintance is pathetic.

I made that comment because that is what I thought, nothing more and nothing less. If you dont like this, as i can see you don't, you will just have to live with it. The truth is this little spate of back and forth insulting is not really changing that opinion.

I disliked you in the first place because i thought you were an arrogant mouthy wankerish specimen which is something i dispise in people. All that you have proven is that this is true by getting so easiy pissed off by a passing indirect insult of you and have continued it on further by putting this comment. Calling my behaviour arrogant is greatly hippocritical as I can hold opinions about people all I want. That is not arrogance that is individual thought. I dont see how me stating my feelings on something or someone is arrogant. My retaliation was the result of being pushed to it so if you didnt like my "mother" comment get over it I know I could.

Anyway who said I neccesarily wanted to defuse the situation. Maybe I was enjoying proving you wrong and seeing you get a taste of your own medicine:)
I know I'm not a child and I don't need to be told what I am by the likes of you considering you know so little anyway as your lame comments have shown

I wont think about what I say because that doesnt really come into it. You cant just come in trying to annoy me and then get annoyed by the fact that I annoyed you back.

You cant just get a taste of your own medicine and then scream that it isn't fair that is the most childish thing of all.
you should really think about what you are saying sometimes :)

I dont see why I should apologise and say it was me who started it. I did start this in a way yes its true but you should have taken my opinion on the chin instead of getting annoyed over it, you escaleted this into something it doesnt need to be. HOW PATHETIC IS THAT!

I think you just cant take it that someone as passive as me would put up any sort of fight against you and were surprised by my retaliation. get over it and get over yourself.
I have no time for this childish exchange. this allows me to draw this to a close as to be honest I think my point has been made.

Its funny and very pathetic that a small thing pissed you off so much. Take a good long hard look at yourself (this is a waste of my time saying that because i shouldnt expect this will change anything sadly you will continue as you always have and i will continue to dislike you for it)
This is the last I have to say about this if you have any more to say fine but that only means you are continuing a futile and rather pointless little argument!
We luv ya dave said…
No the funniest thing, is that you automatically assume i was ever annoyed.

I take pride in being able to manipulate your emotions to such an extent that you actually believe it. You honestly believe i was so deeply insulted by a sick comment you made about my dead mother, i got over that 13 years ago.

My attempt to provoke a reaction out of you seems to be incredibly effective, obviously you feel a need to prove yourself in life, this is good. with this passion you have found, you should use it in modern day life, dont let people push you around. Stand up for yourself and make yourself noticed.

My technique may not be the most direct and best of ways, but within you, you have found a way of standing up for yourself, and although your insulting methods may not be extremely devastating, you have summoned up the energy to retaliate with a lot of passion.

So, in conclusion this was not a random insult towards you

It is merely something i thought you should experience. With this, you have stood up for yourself, and made yourself noticed, use this skill more often in everyday life, but not too excess. Your confidence will increase, and you will gain more respect.

I bet you didnt see this one comin

Sorry if anything seriously bad resurfaced and caused pain.
But anything previous in life shouldnt prevent you from bettering your future life,

the faster you get over past experience, the quicker you can enjoy the present, and the future.

I was once like you, but then someone shook me up, and put me straight, I am just paying it forward


Dave said…
Errrrm K whatever you want to believe about me. Laura who?

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