Rockage of the highest magnitude

Hey hey Playas!

Its been one of those kinda up and down weeks, you know the ones where you shift between doing nothing one day and doing everything on another.

Tuesday: Nought!

Wenesday: Went Bowling with Chris Matt Tom and Nick (Snipp).
It started off insane as we bought some snacks which Chris insisted on offering to the passers by. The bus journey was even more random as Nick phoned the bus complaints line where he put the complaints person on hold and asked to order a bus. He actually got a number for that too.
This was good because as per usual Chris was attempting to dent the lane by hurling the ball at the ground rather than at the pins. This resulted in two of the balls being caught between the barrier and the gutter. After this we moved on to Pizza Hut which was near by.
I'd say we successfully freaked out the waiters by acting insane. Then again we broke a glass in the process but luckily managed to hide it under the table to avoid paying more for the breakage. I think our innocent act when paying the bill was a tad transparent though. It was still damn funny as we attempted to hide from their accusing stares from across the road where the bus stop was.
After this we just ended up drinking so it was a good end to a good day.

Thursday: This wasn't too bad as I ended up seeing Episode 3 again this time with my family. It was nice though because I wasn't paying this time. It also meant we got to eat out too which is always nice.

Friday: Mostly boring until the evening when I went up to Matts hoose where Tom Nick and Chris joined us.

Saturday: The morning and Afternoon I did Buggerall

Image Hosted by
Still though there were good omens abound as I found this pleasant surprise in my breakfast.

Much later I made my way out for the biggest event of late. THE SYSTEM OF A DOWN CONCERT AT BRIXTON ACADEMY.
I met up with Matt Rob Guest and his Girlfriend Anna and we made our way to teh station which has taken me to many great places, Bromley South. So far has been the beginning to the Alton Towers journey, The MUSE journey and now The SOAD journey.
There we met with Kyrill Sami Yusef and Charlie Allen. We headed over to that fabled rhelm of Brixton.
All I can say is it isn't very nice, infact its a complete dump. Theres graffiti even on some really high up places like on this clock tower near the station.
Firstly why bother going to all that trouble for that
Secondly HOW!!? I believe it was Uberchavs with Jetpacks

We then ambled down the mean streets of Brixton and joined the rather long queue. It went round an entire sorta block. Then again as we grew closer we noticed a big black coach pull up. This coach had a picture of some random mustacheo'd bloke on it which was kinda funny. Soon we realised that this was the band coach as they suddenly embarked from it. This was the cause of much cheerage.
Another source of jokes was the kids who were waiting in front of us who had accidently come a day earlier having mistaken the dates on their tickets.

Image Hosted by
We then finally got inside.

What then followed was quite a lot of waiting until the Support band came on. The band was the 80's matchbox band (or something like that). Personally I thought they were a bit shite.

After they were finished we began getting quite excited.

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Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
As you can see (ok I know I don't look that excited but...SCREEW YOU!) We were all in the height of anticipation.

Image Hosted by
Sometimes this went a bit far.

Finally they came on stage.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

It was quite a good set list too although They played all my favourites like BYOB, Cigaro, Chop Suey, Forest, Revenga, Soldier Side, Sugar, Aerials and Toxicity. The guitarist has a really weird voice and says some really weird stuff.
Ah twas great fun all in all.

The next week should be ok for me as I only have one exam and once thats done I'm free to enjoy the rest of study leave. It just makes me wonder how it feels to do Welsh as they will have to revise until the very end of study leave.
Ah well thats not my problem.

Peace Out Playas!


Dave said…
Damn those uberchavs with their jetpacks!!!
Jon said…
Hehe, I think the mystery of how they get the graffiti that high perplexes everyone.

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