Lifes getting a tad dull

This week for some reason flew by. It seems strange that this is true considering its been quite a comparitivly dull week. Lots of lothargy and all that kinda stuff. Not only that MANY HAVE BEEN AWAY ALL WEEK AND NOT ABLE TO DO ANYTHING GODDAM IT!

Never mind that being said I will move on. I know that people have been complaining about my overuse of the picture facilities. I have to agree that it does make the site load slower than a mexican sloth with athritis but have no fear I have no reason to post loads of big pictures anymore. Today we just get smaller mobile pics

Sunday: The only thing I really did today was go to CLOTHES SHOP!!!! NOOO!! THE PAIN!! THE MISERY!!! THAT ANNOYING MANOTONY!!! It was in aid of a good cause though. I now own two suits instead of just the one. My new one is a rather nice Marks and Spencers black one! I quite like it. Apart from that I watched the Bahrain Grand Prix and was pleasantly surprised to see Schumacher retired with an engine failure.

Monday: I went to West Wickham to buy my brother a birthday present. We were having birthday celebrations for him the following day as his actual birthday is on the first day back and he's going on the Norfolk trip that day. I ended up buying him Family Guy series 3 as a present.
After that I put my culinary skills to work to make my own Pizza

Image Hosted by
Here it is before It went in the oven

Image Hosted by
Heres the wonderous finished product! It was damn tasty!

That night I had a few drinks out.

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Here's me looking more sophisticated than usual because of it.

Tuesday: The day of teh celebrations for me brother. Most of the day we watched Family Guy! It was quite fun really.

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My brother had the best cake you will ever see. Aside from that we sat around with relatives and had drink and a curry! It was pretty good

Wednesday: The busiest day of the week. Me Matt Tom Ashley Louis and GGGary went to Quasar. Unfortunatly we were up against a team of elite Quasar Chavs! needless to say I lost badly. After that we wondered around Bromley a little before...

Image Hosted by
Matt and Tom had a mighty Plunger Duel

Image Hosted by
Tom was the Victor.

After that we went home for a bit before going to a pub in the evening called the Alexandra where Chris's band was playing. It was a good performance. Then again he did play Hysteria today. Some things went a bit awry which I don't wish to divulge on the benifit of the persons involved. Luckily I wasn't involved in it.

Thursday: This was a boring day I didnt really do anything except more homework.

Friday: did nothing all day until teh evening when I had Matt Rob Stewart and Chris over. Stewart has the pictures of it much to my personal horror.

Saturday: Work Work Work again! ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES DAVE PISSED OFF!! Now wheres my voo doo doll of Dale Winton!

Anyways that was the week that was and it kinda sucked and now I'm faced with the prospect of lots of work in the face of exams. DON'T YOU LOVE SUMMERTIME KIDS!!!



Dave said…
Looks like a good pizza there Dave, methinks I'll have to make one of those one day.
Chard said…
A Fierce Battle 'twixt plunger wielding foes? Devious...
Its "monotony" you fucking plebeian.

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