Time has run out for Deutsches

Thats right chums every good thing has to end, and tommorow signals the end of the longest summer holiday i've had to date. 12 weeks in total! (sorta counting my study leave).
I'm sad about it purly because it means that I will have to wake up at 7 in the morning again, during this holiday so far I have been waking up at nine at a rather leisurly pace but now I will have to literally jump out of bed and then go into the shower (which speeds up the waking process but is no match for a comfy warm bed). Not only that I will need to actually work again and probably quite hard if my sixth form booklet is to be believed, as one ex-student quoted, "You really have to work now, the GCSE's were pretty much spoon fed to us".
I think that the school is trying to scare us personally and make us think "OH MY GOD!!! PANIC!!!! WORK!! FAILURE CERTAIN!!!!!!! MUST WORK OR FAIL!!!!!!!"
I personally think that we're just going to be expected to study our chosen courses very in depth and if you consider i'm only learning four subjects now (excluding general studies) thats not going to be too bad. I'm going to continue looking at this in a positive way lest I fall into depression.
The thing that will annoy me though will be the fact that the media in this country keep making out that the A levels are too easy hence the fact that so people pass. I disagree and think that the style of the exams have changed or the quality of education is better maybe people are just smarter now!
I must admit I will miss the London trips we Duds should really keep going on them even if its at the weekend, then again there isnt much for us to do now as we've seen most of london now.
I just wonder how much free time i'll have though considering I need to get a job as well!


Jon said…
I agree dave. I worked hard for my GCSEs, I can't work any harder :D.
Also we should continue the dud trips to London; we just need to think of more places.
Anonymous said…
I suggest Camdem, I know you probably think its full of "rockers(how i hate that word!)" buying cheaper pot, but theres some interesting places if you look around.
fpoole said…
I'm sure you're probably actually being "educated" and not "inundated" (with crap.)

My school is a horrifying place...


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