The bears and the elephants and penguins have disappeared I would say some bad things are on the horizon.

How do fair reader(s) as those who are more eagle eyed (or have been reading this blog since it began about 6 months ago (don't quote me on that) may have noticed I have now included a picture of myself so I am no longer a faceless moaner. It also gives you a chance to see how evil I can look and why I am a force to be reakoned with (its all a load of bullshit I know).

That aside, Yesterday me and some of the Duds (Lewis/Nonneasuch didn't go for some reason which we have put down as he wanted to spend the day sparring with his friend Otis in preparation for Ju Jitsu that evening(yes he is named after a much loved TV aardvark those of you who live in England and are about my age).

Me Rob and Stewart/Dickybod met John on the train at West Wickham and we then proceeded to meet Baz and Dave/Teradud on the Train. When we arrived at Charing Cross station I finally met Sarah Stewies girlfriend, she seemed quite nice though I didn't speak to her too much throughout the day.
We then got a tube to Camden Town (NO NOT THE COCKNEYS!) This meant we passed through the infamous and long closed Mornington crescent tube station.
Image Hosted by
as you can see Rob found this rather exiting.

We then arrived at Camden and walked rather heasitanly through too the zoo past many cockney market sellers (it was soo scary).
When we arrived at the zoo we first of all headed to the Aquarium as it was adjacent to the entrance.
Image Hosted by
As you can see here I found a rather funny named Fish called a "Chub" my god he must get teased at school (geddit!)

I we then soon left the aquarium (I personally was disappointed there were no Octopi they are soo cool)
We then saw the bear enclosure and were sure we were going to see a hairy bear but alas they had scarpered we then saw a helicopter flying low over the man made mountain for the bears and then we knew what was happening. THE BEARS HAD STOLEN THE HELICOPTER AND WERE FORMULATING A PLAN TO OVERTHROW MANKIND!!!!!
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But while we were there I took a nice group photo so generations to come will remember us.

We then had lunch and I managed to get my coke (THE DRINK NOT THE DRUG!) all over me leaving a faint but rather embarrassing looking stain in the worst place possible (I'll let you use your imagination)
We then found the elephants are gone too (DAMN YOU BEARS SIDING WITH THE ELEPHANTS!)
We then went to see some Bugs in the bugs enclosure (bugs in the bugs enclosure well I never.
Image Hosted by
Here Jon and Rob share a special moment that Rob rather enjoyed.

Image Hosted by
Here I see my greatest dream realized. AN ARMY OF CLONED ME'S! BE AFRAID FOOLS WHO STAND IN MY WAY!

We then went to find some interesting creatures and we found some two humped camels some goats, cows and some pigs and were surprised and disappointed to find the penguin's were too gone and realized they were in league with those evil bears!
We then saw half of a rather entertaining animal demonstration. There we saw a macaw of sometype which could crack a Brazil nut in its beak (IF THE BEARS SIDE WITH HIM WE COULD BE FINISHED) then we saw an eagle owl which can fly silently and is supposedly very deadly and then a lemur which jumped around a lot and I was hoping would accidently miss its target and would crash into John as he was sitting very close to where this furry fiend was jumping but alas it wasn't to be.
We then went to see the coolest creatures on earth THE MONKEYS!
Image Hosted by
We see here this specimen is mooning me.

Image Hosted by
This is a rather lazy gorilla who didn't really do much.

We then decided to head to hamleys
Image Hosted by
but on the way we found AN ORANGE LETTER BOX!

We then went to Hamleys the greatest toy shop in this land. It has everything
Image Hosted by
See what I mean, Hagrid was a tough one to fight off meanwhile rob decided to take out Harry just in case.

I was then forced to promply leave hamleys as I had to get to Beckenham to meet with my other friends who were going to see the Terminal.
It was quite a good film which shows you how some jobsworthy beaureacratic Americans can be totally without any human compassion but that aside It had been a good day and I don't have many chances to do that again soon sadly (DAMN YOU SCHOOL!)


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