Deutsches forces his own nose against the grindstone

Well today marked the first day back to school for me and the beginning of sixth form. This is like no other year like i've had during my education because i've opted to go back to school and study which gives me no room for complaint which is rather a pity. Still its nice to be treated as a human being by the teachers who are aware of this sacrafice of free time and I get nine Free periods (HA IN YOUR FACE YOU FOOLS WHO CHOSE MATHS AND HAVE ONE MORE LESSON THAN ME!) but unfortunatly two of those glorious periods will be used up, one for General studies, and one for games which will also be a hell of a lot better as we choose what we want to play and are no longer forced to play evil sports like Rugby (which is relativly fun if its not cold and wet so I won't moan too much but I still appriciate the choice element). Things promise to get quite heavy in my four chosen subjects which are: Film studies Psychology, History and English language. Ive already had one lesson of each and they all seem quite good but this is before the teachers start setting ghastly amounts of homework which will probably involve lots of essays and that. For example i've been told that I will probably have to do one essay for psychology a week and will do lots of history and film essays too. Still there are perks which include frequent school trips to london to go to the cinema (and then go shopping afterwards because my teacher likes shopping) We also will have a trip to new york in february for the same subject which is nice too.
In psychology we can bring in anything (including videos) to do with the subject so that the class can view and discuss them. Ergo I'm now going to scower the TV guides for any psychological programmes so that I can use up some class time whilst learning (muahahaha there is no down side).
History also proves to be good as I have the two best history teachers who are both interesting and make the lessons interesting but sadly this almost certainly means i'll probably get the most boring history teacher next year (who can make most people feel very sleepy very easily).
I was a little bit worried by how unsteady my hand has become with a pen which have put down to lack of writing for over 10 weeks.
Finally I am in the same form as Baz now so that'll make my time in form a little bit more interesting.
Oh well things could go great I suppose I have to remain positive.


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