Deutsches returns to blog another day (today)

What up homies! (that’s twatish for hello there)
I felt it was high time for a blog so I sat down with a cuppa tea then the dish ran away with the spoon so I couldn’t stir it and the tea evaporated before my very eyes (that got ye paying attention there)
School has been surprisingly easy going for me so far, all me lessons have not been too taxing but I fear that they may sooner or later when we are made to work “really hard” as our school sixth form booklet tries to scare us into working our socks off. Education aside I’ve noticed a distinct change in the social structure of my life now, which is taking some getting used to. Firstly there’s the subject of girls. I haven’t got a problem with them at all in fact I welcome them to our schools with open arms (I better stop that here before any female readers, if any, get angry at me and find out where I live and give me a slap for being cheeky), But I’ve just found it interested to see so many of the boys who I’ve known and liked or despised for the last six years go all strange or change their social patterns due to the addition of girls to our school. Take one of my groups of friends (the duds are one circle of my friends and to be fair the duds are friends with my other friends although not as much as before for various reasons) now one of my friends in this group called Tom has an uncanny ability to talk to anyone about anything (an example of this is that I was in Bromley the other day and he asked some cashier in WH Smiths what his favourite song was) and has managed to attract a few girls to our group of friends, the interesting thing is that people who used to hang around with this group infrequently have now started to hang around with them more for the afore mentioned reason. I find it a tad annoying as it make things crowded and means I can’t keep up with the thread of any conversations as I seem to get stuck on the edge of this increasingly large group. Its not fair I want to make some more female friends, I’ve seriously got to get out of this mindset of only talking to males.
Aside from that I was annoyed to find that two of the girls who have joined our school turn out to be from my past class and one I hated with a passion. I will elaborate on my past a bit (purely because I'm a nostalgic kinda guy). I went to a primary school called “Pickhurst” about 6 years ago. John also attended here so this is probably the main reason we are friends. The funny thing was at the time we were enemies and were in different classes but that’s another story. In my class there was two people I particularly didn’t like: One went by the name of Emily Poole but I haven’t seen her since, and God willing never again so lets just close the chapter on that one. The second and the reason I’m writing at this point went by the name of Laura Messenger, I was irritated to find a couple of days of returning to school that I managed to recognise she who I had disliked. Why do I dislike her? Well firstly she’s one of the most stuck up and was likely at the time that I knew her to say “I’m sooooo Smart and am better than you go away you insect”. Plus she never used to lend me stationary items I needed even if desperate: here's a transcript of an event from year 4 (8 years ago) that I will write as best as I can remember (which is something in itself I guess)
Me: Laura I’ve really messed up this work can I borrow an ink eraser (this was probably the first time I’d ever used one of these new fangled contraptions (well new at the time)
Laura: No!
Me: Why not! I really need to use it! Come on!
Laura: No! why should I lend it to you!
Me: That’s a stupid question I just said
Laura: Oh all right fine! Here use it!
(I proceed to use the ink eraser to rub out my mistakes then correct them, then as I sometimes do I make a mistake in the correction so not knowing that you couldn’t erase permanent ink I try to erase that Laura who had been watching this whole time notices what I’m doing)
Me: What?
Laura: Give me that back! You can forget borrowing my stuff again!
Me: Why what did I do?!
(At this point one of the other girls on my desk, I can’t remember who exactly, helpfully points out my error)
Me: I’m really sorry I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do that.
Laura: Idiot!

See what I mean totally evil. I mean life is for making small mistakes and just because I damaged one of her precious ink erasers (she had many other too) she treated me like a fool. I wasn’t the only person this class who disliked her either, for the same or similar reason many of the people I’ve asked have given a similar reaction.
Well I’m tired after all that so one more little rant.
As has been documented much by Baz Fool (Paul) Leonard has a blog. Now to describe this pain in the arse on legs one would use the words AARGH!, UGLY, THAT SMELLS, PISS OFF and YOU SUCK!. He can be referred to as all of these things. Well anyway that being said I’m gonna rest a bit. Egads that was a long one (Fnaaa Fnaa)
See ya later Dudes, Dudettes (if any) AND Duds and any benders out there (Paul)


fpoole said…


creepy...... just...creepy...
Dave said…
I knew I'd heard that name somewhere, so after listening carefully for a few days I heard her name called out during maths. Glancing at her, you seem right; she does look evil. I haven't had a need to speak to her yet though.

And Tom... girls..? Hm, that doesn't seem to make sense :)
Jon said…
I noticed that as soon as a girl sits at a table alone shes immediately surrounded by at least 6 boys, which is humerous.
Dave said…
Yes, I noticed that was quite amusing :) Those fools all drawn in, leaving us pure-of-mind folk on our own.
Chard said…
Is she that blonde girl who Tom's always seems to be following around who's in Mr Herbert's form?

I dont care about the female additions much. Nice enough people i'm sure, the ones in my drama class are total airheads (well, Sidney(sp?)is)

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