Here's a rather late response but oh well
For the past 3 or 4 years I have passed up on the idea of watching big brother dismissing it as puerile trash, but since watching the opening show of the new series out this year I cant get enough of it, this year is particularly funny as the house this year is chocked full of oddballs as you can see in Nonnesuch's blog. It has been made all the more funny at this current moment what with The feminist Lesbian house-mate (who goes by the name of Kitten! I mean what a silly name) stirring up trouble and generally getting on the other housemates backs, ohohoho hilarity is sure to follow now, I will not go on about it much.
But all this has basically taught me not to turn up my nose so often.
that was all a bit level headed wasn't it.
Well here's a short rant:
what the hells up with Gwinth Paltro and Chris Martin (the lead singer of Coldplay) calling their newborn baby Apple! As much as they might be wrapped up in giving their daughter a beautiful and Artsy name to suit with their Hollywood and fame persona's, it is clear that they didn't stop to think of the repercussions that this will have on young Apple's life, especially when she goes to school (unless she's home schooled), she'll have to contend with daily taunting about what a silly name she has. I can only say I'm sorry to think of what misfortunes this very silly name will befall the poor girl.
As for me I've been living through the daily panicking of exams coupled with worrying about not doing enough revision, even when I'm revising I worry about not absorbing what's in front of me. All in all its been horrible and I can't wait till it's over.


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