Well as much as I have moaned about big brother being a lowlifes program's in the past. I have enjoyed the daily happenings within the BB house this year. For instance (with some controversy I might add) there was a rather unpleasant conflict of egos (by which I mean all the housemates got drunk started to smash thing and the night ended with a all out brawl and security guards were sent in.)
I feel that no matter what peoples views are about, if the series is now going too far, and, if we should have such "filth" on our TV's. The producers (using these shock awe tactics) have managed to get TV radio and the internet buzzing about the fight.
This just makes me also think that alcohol is one of the biggest dangers to society out there and is one of the reasons that our land is going down too. Then again I have never been drunk before so watch this space.


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