A Smogasbord of Idiots

For some reason Dappy fell from grace in the eyes of parents when he angrily texted a woman who insulted him on a radio interview, but then who ever thought this gurning, posing, stupid hat wearing, buffoon was going to be a good role model anyway? "Oh he grew up on an estate, and is now famous. Let’s use him to try and reach out to the great unwashed, because he can talk to them on their level" (or so the assumption seems to be)! He's about as good a role model for children as Peter Sutcliff or Mike Tyson.

Siobhan O’Dowd:

O’Dowd is of course the shockingly misguided woman who set up the Facebook group ‘RIP Raoul Moat, You Legend,’ which managed to give a glimpse of her mighty stupidity and set the Daily Mail brigade off. This woman clearly has a chip on her shoulder about the police. In her lofty wisdom the police need to be kept on their toes by a demented roid rage fuelled gun man? Oh great idea Siobhan! What next? Was he testing the paramedics too? What if I commit arson, am I keeping the fire brigade on it’s toes?

Axl Rose:
 I think the only person who still believes in Guns and Roses, and  the‘show up when you want’ style of rock and roll is him. Whilst most other front men have retained a sense of pragmatism and realised turning up on time and where you’re supposed to, is likely to be more endearing to fans. Rose however seems to think that people will still accept his greatness and his right to not really deliver what people have paid for. He has not aged well and is becoming an embarrassing has been. Still at least he doesn’t have to worry about becoming a full blown twat – he’s been one since the 80s.

Anjem Choudary:
 A bit like a kid who calls up the emergency services pretending there’s an emergency, except with the caller is offending a group of easily wound up middle England shockavores; looking for something to offend their meek sensibility, whether it’s bullshit or not. It also doesn’t help he’s got a group of equally easy to insight religious nutjobs to back him up. The sad thing is he’s now got himself a copy cat Christian equivalent, in the Reverend Terry Jones of Koran burning fame.

Johnny Borrell:
 A man who in 2004 reached the lofty heights of being the fourth coolest person in the world according to the NME. Considering that, as yet, I have never heard of a person who was considered cool by NME that wasn’t an idiot, it’s a title that well befits the man. He’s strutting twat who, like Axl Rose above – who at least has done some seminal musical work, seems to be the only man who believes his own rock god credentials.

Rick Edwards:

 A Square jawed chump. When he isn’t beating his chest and making low toned grunts, he’s introducing Hollyoaks or trying to flirt with Miquita Oliver on screen. Why don’t I like him? Well what is there to like about the squawking arse.
He seems to have an undeserved sense of being fantastic despite being a subpar example of humanity. I reckon if I met him we would end up having a long conversation – whether me or anyone else wanted to or not – about him, and how great he is, before he starts to flirt with someone’s girlfriend in front of them.

Nick Grimshaw:

 Marking the second entry of a T4 presenter on my list, I have chosen Grimshaw as I find him and everything he stands for repugnant. He really epitomises many things wrong with the world, and comes across as a cocksure, swaggering waste of organs.

Why hate the man you might ask? Well look at him: he is the perfect example of a grinning tousled tosser. It is depressing that some may see this antagonistic moron as a role model, and really it says much about society’s decline. He appears on T4, which is a fail on one part as it seems to be a breeding ground for annoying posers, and he (or maybe Rick Edwards) is the king of them all in terms of sheer annoyingness. The fact that this pantomime horse, in a Shoreditch hipsters clothing, is seen as being an appropriate face for TV, makes me want to give up on the TV industry and youth itself.

He is a part of what I like to call ‘the Skins fad’ i.e. a group of rambling imbeciles implying that anyone south of the age of 25 is a back talking, immature and fashion conscious nobjock. Really most of us grow out of this faze by age 19 at the latest. However here we have the Peter Pan of attitude, as he will never grow out of this idiotic ADD-like character.

Justin Bieber:

First of all he is a precocious little whelp who needs a good hiding and sending to bed without any supper. He sings about love despite probably not knowing anything about it beyond tired romantic symbolism such as holding hands, roses and chocolates etc. I remember seeing one of his music videos a while back whilst in Cambodia (and believe me one video of his is enough for a lifetime) and honestly believed that he wasn’t being serious. The video was meant to be charming and cute, but it looked like Master Bieber was stalking a woman (way out of his league and seemedly a few years older) and came more across as creepy and staid.




No. said…
Do you often find that many people disagree with you rude and stupid comments! Your quite obviously socially and ethically uneducated! Grimmie is a boss. No question! You sir are an ignorant so and so.

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